Fellowships and prizes

The RCPCH is pleased to offer the following fellowships and prizes. We present many of our awards at RCPCH Conference - the next one is in March 2018 in Glasgow.

Medical Student prizes - Heads of Paediatrics at medical schools are invited to nominate an outstanding student to be our guest at RCPCH Conference NOW OPEN

Foundation Year prizes - Foundation schools are invited to nominate up to three outstanding doctors to be our guest at RCPCH Conference NOW OPEN

Tony Jackson Memorial Prize -  A prize of £500 is offered for the best presentation given at the RCPCH Conference by a UK medical student or foundation doctor in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Applicants are asked to submit abstracts with the best three, as selected by our judging panel invited to present at the Aspiring Paediatricians session at RCPCH Conference. The winner is then selected on the day CLOSING 10 JAN 2018

Paul Polani Research Fund - RCPCH and British Academy of Childhood Disability offer up to £7,500 for individuals or teams to pilot, undertake, or complete research projects based in paediatric neurodisability in the UK

Honorary fellowships -  distinguished awards for individuals who have demonstrated, through research or clinical commitment, major contributions to paediatrics during their career

James Spence Medal - the highest RCPCH honour for outstanding contributions to the advancement or clarification of paediatric knowledge

Visiting fellowships - for leading paediatricians and child health specialists from low and middle income countries to develop their knowledge and exchange good practice in UK clinics

Dr Michael Blacow Memorial Prize - for best paper at the RCPCH Conference presented by a trainee

Examination awards - for highest scores on the MRCPCH exams