Global child health resources for volunteers

This is a library of resources and materials for current and future volunteers.

Who are these resources for?

It is intended that current and future RCPCH volunteers, and their local colleagues, can use and adapt these resources to assist with the accomplishment of their own placement objectives and the strengthening of the hospitals’ capacity to provide improved patient care.

General resources

Revalidation guidance for doctors undertaking overseas work through the RCPCH Global Team (PDF, 160KB)

Revalidation guidance for trainees undertaking overseas work through the RCPCH Global team 

  WHO e-pocketbook for hospital care for children (free app)


Resources created by Global Links volunteers

How is the information collected?

Each of these documents has been sent to the Global Links Manager to be uploaded onto this webpage. 

It should be noted that the resources are the property of the volunteers themselves and the local hospitals where they worked, and are not formally endorsed by RCPCH.


List of resources (PDF) - to help you locate material of interest

The resources are organised by theme:

They are displayed as: Title, authors, (placement location). Most files are PDFs; some files are Microsoft documents.


Educational resources / presentations

Recognising the sick child - Duke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya) download 

Helping babies survive (temp control and resus) Jenny woodruff (Jinja, Uganda) download 

Neonatal care, Jenny woodruff (Jinja, Uganda) download

ENSURE-neonatal survival, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) downloadENSURE-neonatal survival, Colin and Jess,Jinja, Uganda  

Why babies are different, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Supporting life for babies, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Managing Infants who are unwell, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Prematurity, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Feeding challenges in the newborn, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

HIV in the newborn, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

ENSURE-neonatal resus, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Pneumonia in children, Colin Gilhooley (  (    Jinja, Uganda) download

Triage and ABCD, Colin Gilhooley (  (Jinja, Uganda) download

Adolescent Health Transition, Vanessa Rippon (Jinja, Uganda) download

Clinical consultations in Adolescent Health, Vanessa Rippon (Jinja, Uganda) download ))

Developmental assessment in children, Vanessa Rippon (Jinja, Uganda) download

Prescribing in Paediatrics, Vanessa Rippon (Jinja, Uganda) download

Essential interventions, Gauri Nepali (Mbarara, Uganda) download ))

Documentation in clinical practice, Gauri Nepali (Mbarara, Uganda) download

Croup, Jessica Slater (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Downs Syndrome, Jessica Slater (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Human Factors Why Things Go Wrong and Learning From Mistakes, Duke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya) download

Jaundice cases, Duke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya) download

Jaundice, Jessica Slater (chogoria, Kenya) download

Paediatric evaluation, Jessica Slater (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Paediatric Hypertension, Duke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya) download

Paediatric Respiratory cases, Duke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya) download

Improving Neonatal Thermal Monitoring and Care Kampala conference, Jenny Woodruff and Johanna Gaiottino (Jinja, Uganda) download

Prevention of healthcare associated infections, Sunil Esampalli downloadSunil Esampalli Sunil Esampalli  

Pneumonia, J Mackintosh & Dr J Thurlow  (Kiambu, Kenya) download

JInG and Johanna Jenny woodruff

Jenny woodruff Jenny woodruff  Jenny woodruff 


Educational resources / worksheets

Formulary worksheet, Jenny woodruff (Jinja, Uganda) download


Good clinical practice resources / posters

5 moments of hand hygiene A, A Dominic and Rachel (Chogoria, Kenya) download

5 moments of hand hygiene B, Dominic and Rachel (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Have you washed your hands?, Dominic and Rachel (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Bare below the elbow, Dominic and Rachel (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Salbutamol admin, Jenny Woodruff (Jinja, Uganda) download

Hypoglycemia, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Triage Posters, Duke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya) download

Neonatal Hypothermia, Duke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya) download


Good clinical practice resources / proformas

Malnutrition check list and food charts, Dominic and Rachel (Chogoria, Kenya) download 

Looked after children- initial health assessment, Jacqui Le Geyt (Nanyuki, Kenya) download

Looked after children- ongoing health record, Jacqui Le Geyt (Nanyuki, Kenya) download 

Template - lab results, Jacqui Le Geyt (Nanyuki, Kenya) download

Paediatric complex care/ disabilities assessment clinic- KIMANJO, Jacqui Le Geyt (Nanyuki, Kenya) download

Neonatal examination, Laura Kane (Bwindi, Uganda) download

Neonatal follow up, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Special care unit admission sheet, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Trauma, Lindsay Ford (Mama Lucy, Kenya) download

Patient safe to transfer, Ben Cahill (Mama Lucy, Kenya) download

Post tonsillectomy care bundle, Duke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya)download

Bwindi Community Hospital PEWS Form 1-4 years, Laura Kane (Bwindi, Uganda) download

Bwindi Community Hospital PEWS Form 5+, Laura Kane (Bwindi, Uganda) download

Bwindi Community Hospital PEWS Form infant , Laura Kane (Bwindi, Uganda) download

Bwindi Neonatal discharge check , Laura Kane (Bwindi, Uganda) download

Bwindi Paediatrics Admission template , Laura Kane (Bwindi, Uganda) download

) downloadLaura,  Early warning scores Chart (Kisiizi, Uganda) download

Special Care admission sheet (Kisiizi, Uganda) download

Newborn Resuscitaire Checklist , Yuheng Zhou   (Nsambya , Uganda) download

Infant PEWs chart (Nsambya, Uganda) download

Malaria Job Aid (Ola During, Sierra Leone) downloadOla During, Sierra Leone Ola During, Sierra  

Paediatric Emergency Trolley Checklist, Yuheng Zhou (Nsambya, Uganda) download

PEWS, Mark Lee (Narok, Kenya) download

Preschool PEWS chart (Nsambya, Uganda)  download

Schoolage PEWS chart (Nsambya, Uganda ) download

Sickle Cell Clinic Results Sheet  (Nsambaya, Uganda) download

Tetanus sedative chart (Jinja, Uganda) download

PPPPEW, Uganda) download heng Yuheng Zhou   (Nsambya , Uganda) Yuheng Zhou (Yuheng Zhou   (Nsambya , Uganda)  



Hypoglycemia, Dominic and Rachel (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Neonatal plastic bag use, Dominic and Rachel (Chogoria, Kenya) download

When to check blood glucose levels, Dominic and Rachel (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Perinatal asphyxia, Jacqui Le Geyt (Nanyuki, Kenya) download

Neonatal follow up,  Jacqui Le Geyt (Nanyuki, Kenya) download

DKA, Laura Kane (Bwindi, Uganda) download

Sickle cell protocol, Sarah Magowan (Jinja, Uganda) download

Tetanus Sarah Magowan (Jinja, Uganda) download

Neonatal CPAP guidelines, Jessica Slater (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Organophosphate poisoning, Sarah Magowan (Jinja, Uganda) download

Malaria, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Paediatric CPAP Guideline, Jessica Slater (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Post op tonsillectomy, Duke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya) download

Intravenous Fluid,  Duke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya) download

Neonatal fluid and feeding, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Pneumonia, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

TB, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Neonatal seizures, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Emergency management of common conditions, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Jaundice, Yetunde Odutolu (Jinja, Uganda) download

Sickle cell crisis, Yetunde Odutolu (Jinja, Uganda) download

Unconscious child, Ben Cahill (Mama Lucy, Kenya) download

Acute Glomerulonephritis Guideline, Mark Lee (Narok, Kenya) download

Acute Renal Failure Guideline , Mark Lee (Narok, Kenya) download

Admission Criteria for NBU , Mark Lee (Narok, Kenya)  download

Bronchiolitis guideline , Yuheng Zhou  (Nsambya , Uganda) download

Croup Guidelines , Yuheng Zhou  (Nsambya , Uganda)  download

DKA Guideline, Mark Lee (Narok, Kenya)  downloadMark Lee (Narok, Kenya)  Mark Lee (Narok, Kenya)  Mark Lee (Narok, Kenya)   

Emergency management of seizures in children  (Kisiizi, Uganda) download

Feeding small / sick newborns, J. Le Geyt, S. Kilonzo (Doldol, Kenya)  download

Heart Failure Guideline , Mark Lee (Narok, Kenya)  download

Induction booklet for new intern, Jenny Woodruff and Johanna Gaiottino (Jinja, Uganda)  download

Malnutrition Guidelines (Kisiizi, Uganda) download

Malnutrition Guidelines, Jacqui Le Geyt (Nanyuki, Kenya)    download

Management of Perinatal Asphyxia , J. Le Geyt and S. Kilonzo (Doldol, Kenya) downloadDoldol, Kenya 

Neonatal CPAP guidelines, Jessica Slater and Anne Bean  (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Neonatal Hyperbilirubinaemia (Jaundice), J. Le Geyt and S. Kilonzo (Doldol, Kenya)  downloadJ. Le Geyt and S. Kilonzo (Doldol, Kenya)  

Nephrotic Syndrome Guideline , Mark Lee (Narok, Kenya) download 

Newborn Hypoglycaemia , J. Le Geyt and S. Kilonzo (Doldol, Kenya)   download

Paediatric CPAP guidelines, Jessica Slater and Anne Bean  (Chogoria, Kenya)  download

Prolonged Jaundice Guideline , Mark Lee (Narok, Kenya)  download

Acute Rheumatic Fever Guideline , Mark Lee (Narok, Kenya)  download

Sedation guideline, Mark Lee (Narok, Kenya)   download

do(Doldol, Kenya)  J. Le Geyt, S. Kilonzo , (  Heart Failure Guidelined





Medicines management / drug charts

Fluid and drug prescription chartsDominic and Rachel (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Drug chart, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Fluid prescription chartBen Cahill (Mama Lucy, Kenya) download

Paediactric observation chart, Jacqui Le Geyt (Nanyuki, Kenya) download)

Paed Head Injury neurological observation chart, Jacqui Le Geyt (Nanyuki, Kenya) download

Intravenous Infusion Prescription Chart, Duke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya) download

CPAP chart, Jessica Slater (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Intravenous fluid infusion chart, Jacqui Le Geyt (Nanyuki, Kenya) download

Emergency drug poster, Mark Lee (Narok, Kenya)  download

Special care admission sheet (Kisiizi, Uganda) download


Patient resources / leaflets

Routine care of the newbornColin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Iron deficiency Anaemia (Nsambya, Uganda) download



Incubator temp settingsDominic and Rachel (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Bilirubin treatment thresholds-jaundiceDominic and Rachel (Chogoria, Kenya) download

Observation tables, Duke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya) download

TriageDuke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya) download

WHO model list of essential medicinesWHO download

Neonatal learning aid, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

Miscellaneous good practice materials A, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download  click

Miscellaneous good practice materials B, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download ) )

Miscellaneous good practice materials C, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download

WHO growth chartsWHO download 

Weight for length charts (Z scores), Anon download

 WHO-recommended Handrub Formulations, WHO download

 APGAR scores, Jacqui Le Geyt  and Dr Kilonzo (Nanyuki, Kenya) download 

HDU infusions HDU infusions HDU infusionsHDU  download

  RicketssiasRicketssiasRicketssial infections download 


Research / audits

Audit- documentation and nursing obs, Duke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya) download

Tumutumu Paediatric admissions ,Duke Razon (Tumutumu, Kenya) download

Pneumonia audit-B, Sarah Magowan (Jinja, Uganda) download

Gastroenteritis, Lindsay Ford (Kiambu, Kenya) download

Neonatal sepsis, Lindsay Ford (Kiambu, Kenya) download

Pneumonia, Lindsay Ford (Kiambu, Kenya) download  )

Malnutrition, Lindsay Ford (Kiambu, Kenya) download

Meningitis, Lindsay Ford (Kiambu, Kenya) download

Prescribing, Lindsay Ford (Kiambu, Kenya) download

Handwashing, Sophie Okeden (Chogoria, Kenya) download )

Pneumonia, Vanessa Rippon (Jinja, Uganda) download

Neonatal thermoregulation,  Yetunde Odutolu (Jinja, Uganda) download


Research / presentations

Neonatal audit,  Hannah Spiers (Bwindi, Uganda) download

Not so easy as ABC, Colin and Jess (Jinja, Uganda) download 




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