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Keep up to date with the latest child health news in Scotland, and find out how RCPCH Scotland is working alongside other organisations to help improve child health.

The Impact of the Use of Pre-Recorded Evidence on Juror Decision-Making: An Evidence Review - Research Findings

This paper summarises and evaluates existing evidence on the impact upon juror decision-making of the use of pre-recorded evidence and/or live-link testimony by child and vulnerable adult witnesses in criminal trials across a range of legal jurisdictions. Read more

Engagement Process of the Draft Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2018

The Scottish Government is seeking views on themes and draft actions for possible inclusion in a new Suicide Prevention Action Plan aimed at continuing the downward trend in suicides in Scotland. The themes and draft actions have been published in an engagement paper on 8 March 2018, and have arisen from discussions with a wide range of stakeholders, including people with lived experience, over the past few months. Read more

More protection for junior doctors

Extra legal protections are now in place for junior doctors and other postgraduate trainees who speak up if they are unfairly treated by their training body as a result of whistleblowing. Read more


February update from Professor Steve Turner, Officer for Scotland

"If 2017 was busy there is no sign that 2018 will be anything different, perhaps a touch busier. All of this activity is very welcome because it keeps a focus on child health and wellbeing, and indirectly on RCPCH members.

"It is hard to name a few key items for the year but the top three are arguably: 2018 the Year of the Young Person in Scotland; the challenge in providing services, especially in smaller centres; and the move to the new curriculum RCPCH Progress."

Read the RCPCH Scotland eBulletin for February 2018 here 

Regional Lead for East of Scotland Post

This post has been vacant for some time leaving members in east Scotland without at voice on our Scottish Committee. If you are a local member interested in the role, we encourage you to please contact Professor Steve Turner, RCPCH Officer for Scotland, to discuss this role and the support offered by RCPCH Scotland staff. There is also a vacancy for SAS Representative for Scotland.

For details, see our Nominations page

RCPCH State of Child Health 2018: 'one year on' reception held 23 January 2018

We were delighted to host our reception in the Scottish Parliament launching our State of Child Health: One year on scorecard on  the current state of child health in Scotland with Professor Steve Turner, RCPCH Officer for Scotland, with MSPs, MSYPs, MCP's and a range of stakeholder partners and children and young people who shared their views and showcased innovative projects on health and wellbeing. This has renewed call to the Scottish Government to prioritise child health and wellbeing in 2018 and beyond. We are delighted to have launched this during Scotland’s first ever Year of Young People 2018!

Take action in the UK by writing to your MP

A Year in the life of RCPCH Scotland...

We had a really busy year in 2017! See what we got up to.

We will be working really hard to make sure 2018 will be even better for the children of Scotland!

Free media training for members - 28 March 2018

This training day will give an overview of the media, top tips for radio, television and print interviews and will also give each attendee the opportunity to take part in ‘live’ television and radio interviews.

Register your interest - contact

Parliamentary training day - Edinburgh

We hosted eleven members in RCPCH Scotland in October 2017 to provide:

  • an understanding of the lobbying work of the College
  • the role of members in lobbying on behalf of the College
  • the skills to meet, present and write to parliamentarians effectively
  • an understanding of how to communicate political issues.

To attend the next one register your interest -

The Children and Young People (Information Sharing) (Scotland) Bill was introduced to Parliament on 19 June 2017

Read briefing update (PDF 156KB) or the full bill and accompanying documents

RCPCH Scotland eBulletin - previous editions

November 2017 from Prof Steve Turner(MS Doc, 19KB) 

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