Workforce planning

The College plays a key role in workforce planning to ensure there is an appropriately trained paediatric medical workforce to deliver safe and sustainable services for children in the UK - in the present and in the future. 

The State of Child Health: The Paediatric Workforce 

Our 2017 report sets out key findings from the biennial paediatric workforce census of 2015, and makes recommendations for immediate action to address workforce pressures.

Since 1986, the census has been an important element in developing College workforce planning policy. It provides members of the College and the public with a unique view of the growth and trends in the UK paediatric workforce.

The State of Child Health: The Paediatric Workforce

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Workforce censuses since 1999

Workforce studies and data

In order to plan and model the future paediatric medical workforce, we collect and analyse a range of accurate and up-to-date information about the numbers and characteristics of the paediatric workforce in the UK.

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