Paediatrics 2040

We are working with paediatricians to develop a credible vision for the future of paediatrics. This ambitious programme of work will help to deliver our vision of a healthier future for children and young people across the UK.
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We will develop predictions of children and young people's health outcomes and a clear business case for investment in child health.
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We will develop an understanding of how innovation and technology will shape the delivery of paediatric services.
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We will propose new models of care that ensure the health needs of children and young people are properly served across the four nations of the UK.
We will develop strategies to ensure we continue to attract and retain a child health workforce that is well equipped to provide the best possible services.
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Over 100 College members - from medical students to retired paediatricians - are engaged in this project, each bringing unique experience.
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The team will join RCPCH and other events and courses over the next several months, so there is plenty of opportunity to speak with us!

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