Paediatrics 2040 area of enquiry - data and evidence

This project seeks to establish a credible vision for the future of paediatric services in the UK. In this line of enquiry we will develop predictions of children and young people's health outcomes and a clear business case for investment in child health.

About this line of enquiry

We are analysing data to develop predictions and models of children and young people's (CYP)  health and demographics in 2040.

We will develop models on the following:

  • Future child health outcomes, the social determinants of CYP health and CYP poverty for the UK 
  • Future population structures and demographic distribution for the UK
  • The cost-effectiveness of investing in CYP health

This will inform work in the other three lines of enquiry: innovation, models of care and working lives.

What we will do

  • Develop robust methodologies for all domains
  • Assess what data is required and available, and collect relevant data 
  • Analyse data and generate models on:
    • child health outcomes in 2040 
    • population models for 2040 
    • economic benefits because of increased investment in CYP health services
  • Interpret models and outcomes of the work to produce a chapter for the report detailing likely child health outcomes, and identifying challenges and opportunities
  • Work with other sub-committees of the project to ensure they can understand and utilise model outcomes and other data in their work
  • Work with other sub-committees and the project board to identify data and analysis, and perform this if required.

How can you get involved?

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