Paediatrics 2040 area of enquiry - impact of innovation

This project seeks to establish a credible vision for the future of paediatrics in the UK. In this line of enquiry we will develop an understanding of how innovation and technology will impact the delivery of paediatric services in the future.

About this line of enquiry

We will predict the impact that innovation will have on the profession, and the delivery of paediatric care, into the future. We will consider the role innovation and technology is likely to play in improving the management and delivery of care, as well as in the training of workforces.

What we will do

Our work will focus on a broad range of fields, including public health and prevention, treatment and diagnosis of both acute and long-term conditions and models of care.

We will focus on innovation in the following:

  • Public health and prevention
  • Treatment and diagnosis, including escalation of illness
  • The management of care
  • Models of working

We will be considering the impact of innovations such as:  

  • Genomics 
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Digitalisation
  • Digital integration
  • Wearable technology

How can you get involved?

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