Paediatrics 2040 area of enquiry - future models of care

This project seeks to establish a credible vision for the future of paediatric services in the UK. In this line of enquiry we will propose new models of care that ensure the health needs of children and young people are properly served across the four nations of the UK.

About this line of enquiry

We will develop new models of care to ensure we can continue to provide a healthy future for children and young people in the UK. 

We will utilise work from other groups, utilising predictions on the burden of need, and future population demographics, along with visions of the impact of innovation on service provision, to develop new models of care. We will develop proposals that encompass all levels of service provision, from preventative and public health through to acute care. 

What will be look at?

In doing so we will consider how we can ensure that models take into account the following factors, among others:

  • Geographic, demographic differences within the UK 
  • Future service mixtures 
  • Models of preventative care 
  • Task shifting and collaboration with other specialities 
  • The role of innovation and digital services 
  • Participatory models of care 
  • Models of care that could fit the needs of local populations 
  • The role of preventative care and public health 

How can you get involved?

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