Paediatrics 2040 area of enquiry - working lives

This project seeks to establish a credible vision for the future of paediatric services in the UK. In this line of enquiry we will develop strategies to ensure we continue to attract and retain a child health workforce that is well equipped to provide the best possible services.
Table of contents

About this line of enquiry

We will work to understand, and develop a vision of;

  • the shape of future workforces,
  • the training needs of workforces
  • how training can be best provided to future workforces
  • what future models of work will look like. 

Based upon this, we will reflect upon the shape of future workforces, considering the future roles of paediatricians, how and where they will work, and with whom. 

We are considering the following:

  • Shape and size of future workforces, future role of paediatricians within the health care system and future roles of other health professionals in paediatric care 
  • Recruitment modelling
  • Development of future training models, and consideration of implications of innovation and technology on the future of training
  • Future models of working and flexible career paths
  • Working lives support to workforces 
  • How the College can best support members in the future

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