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If you're a young person with diabetes, or the mum, dad or carer of child or young person with diabetes - your clinic wants to hear your views! Are we getting it right? What can we improve? Take our 5-minute survey on your phone, tablet or computer, and be in with a chance to win a £50 eGift voucher!
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We're the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit, or NPDA, and we're running a Parent and Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM) survey, to gain an understanding of parent and patient perspectives and experiences of the care received over the previous six months.

Our aim is to get information that leads to better care for children and young people living with diabetes. We will not ask you to enter any personal information.

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What are the PREM surveys?

The PREM surveys enable patients and parents to provide structured feedback, to have their say in how their paediatric diabetes service can better meet their needs, as well as affirm and acknowledge good care.

The results of the surveys will be used to identify local and national areas of achievement and areas where improvements need to be made. There is a survey for children and young people with diabetes, and one for parents and carers. They are available in English, Welsh, Polish and Urdu (Pakistani) languages.

Who can complete a survey?

Any child or young person who has received care from a paediatric diabetes clinic in England or Wales within the past six months, or their parents or guardians.

To find out more, please download an information sheet below.

How long will the PREM survey run for?

The PREM survey will run from 2 August 2021 until 2 January 2022. This allows PDUs (paediatric diabetes units) time to prepare and choose when suits their unit best for collecting responses.

Prize to be won!

Respondents who successfully complete a survey have the option to add their name into a prize draw - just follow the link at the end of the survey. Two winners - one a child or young person with diabetes, and one a parent or carer - will be selected at random to win a £50 eGift voucher. You can download the terms and conditions of entry below.

What are our unit response numbers?

The more responses collected, the richer and more representative the data about each service will be. The minimum number of responses per unit needed to enable generation of a report is ten. 

To help support PDUs to monitor their data collection, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with the response numbers from both surveys for your clinic will be made available to download below. We will update this at regular intervals during the data collection period.

Support resources

The following resources are available to support data collection for the PREM surveys:

  • Information sheet - provides all the information that paediatric diabetes teams or respondents will need to know about the PREM surveys
  • Unit response numbers spreadsheet - will help units monitor their efforts in data collection and will be updated regularly
  • Tips to maximise PREM survey response rates - success stories from teams who received good response rates in previous PREMs
  • Template communication to send to parents - to support units with engaging children and young people with diabetes and their parents to complete a PREM survey
  • PREM poster - can be printed for use within units. Parents/patients can scan the QR code on the poster to access the survey on their mobile phones.
  • Prize draw terms and conditions
  • PREM privacy information