Paediatric rota gaps survey 2024 - about this project

We are asking College Tutors across the UK to complete a survey, or ask their relevant colleagues to do so, about rota gaps in their Trust or Health Board. The data collected will give us a better understanding of rota gaps in paediatrics and reasons. We can use this information to support our members in workforce planning and to advocate for improvements with decisionmakers.
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8 April 2024

What information do we need to collect?

The Workforce Information team is running a study to address questions around rota gaps in paediatrics. This will look at the frequency of Tier 1 and Tier 2 rota gaps in general paediatrics, neonatology and paediatric sub-specialties across the UK.

The questions for our study include Trust/Health Board level information about rota type and any existing gaps, including the extent, duration and cause.

How and when are we collecting the information?

If you are an RCPCH College Tutor in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, we need your invaluable help. You will be the first point of contact for this study.

On or around 10 April we will email you a link to a survey on the Survey Monkey platform. The email will ask you to disseminate the survey link with staff at your Trust/Health Board who are responsible for rota planning completion.

Data collection via this survey will be open from 10 April to 22 May 2024.

The survey should take only 15 minutes to complete. We recommend having all relevant information before, such as: total FTE (full time equivalent) on rota if the rota was fully staffed, FTE of gaps for each role on rota, length of gap and the main reason for there being a gap.

What will we do with the information?

All data submitted via the survey will be anonymised and aggregated in the findings, and presented both nationally and according to region. You can download the privacy notice below.

The findings will be compiled into a report due to be published on this website in autumn 2024.

Why are we doing this project?

There are enduring, critical issues in the UK paediatric workforce with understaffed rotas, burnout and unfilled vacancies. This is against a backdrop of accelerating demand on acute paediatric services, a post-pandemic referral backlog and increased waiting times. 

In September 2019, in collaboration with Getting it Right First Time, we conducted a snapshot workforce survey of general paediatrics and neonatology across one weekday and one weekend day. Findings showed that there was an average of 10% of staff missing on Tier 1 and 2 rotas on weekdays. 

Recruitment and workforce planning are key issues in paediatrics. We must consider why rota vacancies and gaps occur and how to address these to ensure a sustainable future workforce.


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