Safeguarding Children and Young People (SGC)

              Dr Andrea Goddard, Clinical Lead, Safeguarding Children & Young People


The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) works to protect children from harm by providing doctors with the essential competencies required in their child protection practice.

Child protection continues to evolve, with particular changes in knowledge and focus occurring in the last 10 years. As a result there is a necessity for updating and further training in child protection matters. 

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> SGCYP competency requirement for Trainees (DOC, 70Kb, 3 Pages)



Child protection training with the RCPCH

The RCPCH offers a number of training products and guidance to support paediatricians and other healthcare workers through this complicated and sensitive area.  None of our courses are mandatory, however we strongly encourage the use of our courses as they meet the RCPCH quality criteria and standards.

The safeguarding programmes have been developed in line with the 2010 intercollegiate safeguarding competences (PDF, 860KB, 72 pages). Currently, the ALSG courses are under review. We advise professionals to consider taking appropriate steps to supplement their learning through reference to the 2010 competences.


Training Programme

Format/ Supplier

Target Audience


Introduction to Safeguarding Children and Young People

online/ e-LfH All healthcare professionals (who have some contact with children) 1

Recognition, Response and Record

online/ e-LfH All healthcare professionals (who have some contact with children) 2

Child Protection Recognition & Response (CPRR)

> more information

face-to-face/   ALSG

Paediatricians in training (ST 1-3)

Others including GPs, A&E, specialties


Child Protection in Practice (CPIP)

> more information

online/  ALSG

Paediatricians in training (ST 4-7)

Others including GPs, A&E, specialties



Maintaining and Updating Competences (MaUC)

online/ e-LfH

Consultant Paediatricians and trainees

Some materials relevant to others including GPs, A&E, specialties


Child Protection: from examination to court

face-to-face/    RCPCH

Consultant Paediatricians and Senior Trainees (SpRs yr 4 & 5, ST7-8)


Expert witnesses in child protection

face-to-face/    RCPCH Consultant Paediatricians, SASs  6

Other resources

> Safeguarding modules are also available within the Adolescent Health Programme and Healthy Child Programme.

> Currnetly under development: Safeguarding Children and Young People (Named and Designated Doctor Learning Resource) Project


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