Health policy consultations

Our response to a wide range of health policy consultations ensures that the College's position, and ultimately children's health, is represented.


We want to hear from you. Members can get involved in current consultations by contacting the health policy team

 Our recent consultation responses:

March 2014

  • Health Select Committee: Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services

View our response (PDF, 176KB, 5 pages)

  • Education Select Committee Inquiry: Child Well-being in England

View our response (PDF, 117KB, 5 pages)

  • Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee: Health inequalities - Early years

View our response (PDF, 159KB, 6 pages)

  • Enhancing Healthcare Services For Children and Young People in Northern Ireland (From Birth to 18 Years) - Phase 3

View our response (PDF, KB,  pages)

  • Healthwatch England: the way forward consultation

View our response (PDF, 49 KB, 2 pages)

January 2014

  • Enhancing Healthcare Services For Children and Young People in Northern Ireland (From Birth to 18 Years) - Phase 1 & 2

View our response (PDF, 83KB, 11 pages)

October 2013

  • Health Education England mandate refresh

View our response (PDF, 102KB, 5 pages)

September 2013

  • National Assembly for Wales Health and Social Care Committee’s short inquiry into the work of Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

View our response (PDF, 263KB, 3 pages)
August 2013

  • NHS England consultation on ‘High quality care for all, now and for future generations: Engagement on the Urgent and Emergency Care Review’

View our response (PDF, 102KB, 6 pages)

  • CQC consultation on 'Changes to the way we inspect, regulate and monitor care services'

View our response (PDF, 85KB, 6 pages)

  • Health Education England Workforce Planning 2013/2014 call for evidence

View our response (PDF, 5MB, 19 pages)

  • Health Education England Strategic Development Framework call for evidence

View our response (PDF, 5MB, 19 pages)

May 2013

  • House of Commons Select Committee consultation on emergency care

View our response (PDF, 44 KB, 3 pages)

March 2013

  • Welsh Government consultation on Diabetes Delivery Plan for Wales 

View our response (PDF, 30 KB, 4 pages)

February 2013

  • Labour Party consultation on deliverying integration

View our response (PDF, 4 pages, 919 KB)

  • Welsh Government consultation on a Welsh Public Health Bill

View our response(PDF, 76KB, 3pages)

  • DWP and DfE consultation on child poverty measures

View our response(PDF, 180KB, 24pages)

  • Home Office consultation on alcohol strategy

View our response(PDF, 205KB, 10pages)

January 2013

  • NHS Commissioning Board consultation on specialised services 

View our response (PDF, 94 KB, 5 pages)

  • DH consultation on strengthening the NHS Constitution 

View our response (PDF, 91 KB, 6 pages)

September 2012

  • Revised safeguarding statutory guidance issued by DfE

View our response (PDF, 155KB, 15 pages)

  • DH consultation on the draft mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board

View our response (PDF, 66KB, 3 pages)

August 2012

  • Standardised packaging of tobacco products

View our response (PDF, 90KB, 4 pages)

  • Department of Health Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling Consultation

View our reponse (PDF, 90KB, 6 pages)

Older consultation responses

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