Personal Child Health Record

The Personal Child Health Record (also known as the PCHR or 'Red Book') is a national standard health and development record given to parents/carers at a child's birth.

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This is the main record of a child's health and development; the parent/carer retains the PCHR and health professionals should update the record each time the child is seen in a healthcare setting. View the latest national standard PCHR (2009) (PDF, 2.4MB, 64 pages). 

The national standard PCHR is constantly under review; the content and format are overseen by a multi-disciplinary group, hosted by the RCPCH and chaired by Dr Helen Bedford.

The latest review will consider different ways of presenting the content of the record.  

Continue to check this page for updates, or contact the Health Policy Team with any queries.  

Electronic PCHR (ePCHR)

The ePCHR is a digital version of the printed Personal Child Health Record  or ‘Redbook’.

The RCPCH has a keen interest in how effectively the content of the Personal Child Health Record  is made available in digital format. For this reason the College has agreed a set of standards for software development to provide a framework for suppliers interested in providing an electronic version of the record. These standards are available here

The RCPCH is working with one such supplier – Sitekit – to evaluate the usability and benefits of a prototype version of an ePCHR. This prototype is called the ‘eRedbook’. Sitekit have partnered with Harlow Printing Ltd,  who print the current PCHR and the initial development has been funded through, Microsoft, a Technology Strategy Board project called 'Year Zero' and economic development funding from Highlands and Islands Enterprise board (HIE).

Development of the eRedbook is handled through a specially convened Clinical Advisory Group and the inter-collegiate Personal Child Health Record Committee. The eRedbook is currently available through NHS Partner sites during evaluation, these sites are Liverpool Community Health, and NHS South Warwickshire. Those interested in knowing more can find information on the eRedbook at 
NHS partners wishing to get involved in the project should contact

There is no intention to withdraw the paper PCHR as it is important that parents have a choice in how they access information.

The latest news from the eRedbook project can be found in the project slideback (PDF, 2MB, 24 pages). Please contact Jacqueline Fitzgerald if you have any further queries.