Personal child health record

Personal child health record - cover of the 'red book'

The Personal Child Health Record (also known as the PCHR or 'red book') is a national standard health and development record given to parents/carers at a child's birth. An online version - the eRedbook - is now also available.

The PCHR is the main record of a child's health and development. The parent/carer retains the PCHR, and health professionals should update the record each time the child is seen in a healthcare setting. 

Access the current national standard PCHR (May 2016)

Review of the PCHR

The PCHR is constantly under review. The content and format are overseen by a multi-disciplinary group, hosted by the RCPCH and chaired by Dr Helen Bedford. The latest review will consider different ways of presenting the content of the record.  

The RCPCH does not supply paper copies of the PCHR.  If you have lost or require a new PCHR; these can be obtained from your local health visitor or health centre.


The RCPCH has published standards (PDF, 88KB) for Electronic Personal Child Health Records (ePCHR).

The eRedbook is the UK's first digital PCHR which sees the content and ethos of the PCHR transferrred to an easily accessible online format for parents and health care professionals to use in the management of a child's health care. It has been developed in partnership with Sitekit and Harlow Printing.

Development of the eRedbook is handled through a specially convened Clinical Advisory Group and the inter-collegiate PCHR Committee.

The eRedbook is currently being trialled in a number of areas across the UK.

There is no intention to withdraw the paper PCHR as it is important that parents have a choice in how they access information.

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More details in Introduction to the ePCHR - slideshow (PDF, 2 MB, 24 pages).