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How To Manage: Children with benign haematological problems

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RCPCH, London
20 January 2017

Benign haematological problems are common in children seen in hospital and the community. Anaemia is very prevalent, with iron deficiency the commonest cause of anaemia in the world, and sickle cell disease the commonest severe inherited disease both worldwide and in the UK.

Children are frequently referred for investigation of cytopenias and bruising, and increasing numbers of children are on anticoagulants.

This course will cover the investigation and management of

How to Manage: Safe and effective prescribing for you and your team

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RCPCH, London
25 January 2017

Our new one-day How to Manage course explores how to promote safe prescribing within paediatrics.

This course starts by recapping some basic pharmacology and why children are different. You will learn about the most frequent prescribing mistakes and their management. The aim is to equip you with a deeper knowledge and understanding of practical prescribing, addressing in particular the areas of neonates, renal disease and pain management.

In the morning, you

FGM in Children: Overcoming challenges faced by health care professionals (Scotland)

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The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
30 January 2017

This course has been adapted for a Scottish audience, from a successful course in London. You will learn about the clinical, social and legal aspects of FGM from local and national experts.

This advanced level course will cover the skills required to examine for FGM in under 18s, multi-agency aspects of the individual patient’s care including mental health, as well as local child protection committee action against FGM for paediatricians and those working closely with

Child Health in Low Resource Settings

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RCPCH, London
6 February 2017

Designed for paediatricians with an interest in global child health or who intend to work or volunteer in low income countries.

This three-day, practically-focussed course equips clinicians to manage the most common childhood presentations in low-resource settings as well as provide insight into the nature of working overseas.

The course is taught by a combination of senior UK paediatricians with extensive overseas experience as well as paediatricians based in low

Clinical Leads – Getting your voice heard

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RCPCH, London
9 February 2017

Get the support you need to make your teams and service more effective with an interactive day of sessions and workshops. 

This one-day conference will address key challenges facing clinical leads, with a focus on the knowledge, contacts and practical tools needed to promote child health in today's NHS.

You will have the chance to share ideas and examples from you own experience. And you'll be the first to hear about our new programme of support,

Paediatric College Tutors’ Day – College tutors: Supporting the trainee

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Radisson Blu Hotel, Broad Quay, Bristol, BS1 4BY
10 February 2017

The aim of the College Tutors’ Day is to equip College Tutors with the knowledge and skills required to foster a positive educational environment for learning within their Trust.

The theme for this meeting, ‘Supporting the trainee’ has been chosen to acknowledge the increasing pressures on junior doctors and the role that College Tutors play in supporting their health and wellbeing. 

St David’s Day Conference 2017: From Fetal Life to Adulthood - Focus on Neural Tube Defects

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Park Inn by Radisson, Cardiff City Centre
16 February 2017

From Fetal Life to Adulthood: Focus on Neural Tube Defects

A unique opportunity to hear about new and innovative forms of fetal surgery and to follow the path of a disease through the life of a patient.

The 2017 RCPCH Wales St David’s Day Conference will focus on neural tube defects (NTD), beginning from antenatal detection and counselling, and following the life span of a child with an NTD. Talk and lectures from leading experts will cover a

BPSU: From the bench to bedside: new treatments in paediatrics

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Birmingham Children's Hospital, Steelhouse Lane, B4 6NH
27 February 2017

Learn about the latest scientific updates in paediatric rare disease and their current and future impacts on clinical practice.

Exploring the theme, “From bench to bedside – new treatments for children with rare disease”, this one day conference on rare disease in paediatrics has been developed by the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit in partnership with Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The conference will consider the challenges of developing new

How to Manage: Common Cardiac Problems in Paediatrics

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RCPCH, London
28 February 2017

This is a one-day course focusing on common cardiac problems encountered by any clinician involved in the care of children. Clinical scenarios such as a sick baby with a possible underlying cardiac problem, syncope and palpitations along the increasingly common question of cardiac screening in children will be discussed using plenty of real life cases. Workshops aiming to provide basic understanding of paediatric ECG’s, Echocardiography and approach to a child with a heart murmur

Asthma: Working together to improve diagnosis, treatment and management in children and young people

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RCPCH, London
8 March 2017

Develop your skills in the diagnosis, treatment and management of asthma in children and young people. 

Delivered in partnership with Asthma UK, this multi-agency course will explore how healthcare professionals can work together to improve asthma management.

Expert-led workshops will bring you up to date with the latest tools and treatment options, whilst lectures and debates will offer guidance for those wishing to champion change locally or

How to Manage: End of life care and bereavement

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RCPCH, London
13 March 2017

Improve your understanding of the bereavement process and the challenges of end of life care in children and young people.

Together with Child Bereavement UK, we have created a communication-focused course to help you support children and their families through bereavement. Learn how to approach difficult conversations with confidence and hear first-hand about the journey of a bereaved parent.

Consultant-led sessions will also cover the practicalities of ACP, consent

Child Protection: Examination to Court (Level 3) (2 days)

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RCPCH, London
14 March 2017

Every paediatrician will encounter many child protection cases during their clinical career and it is likely that a high proportion of these will require written reports, with some cases leading to legal proceedings. Paediatricians have a key role in both providing written evidence and presenting as a professional witness in family, criminal or civil proceedings. On occasion some paediatricians may accept an instruction to appear as an expert witness.

The RCPCH has developed

Mentoring Skills training

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Jurys Inn, Birmingham
15 March 2017

This highly interactive one-day course provides paediatricians with the core skills and knowledge to be an effective mentor.

The course will allow delegates to have effective learning conversations with their mentees and by extension with colleagues, patients and parents and carers.

Topics covered will include:  

  • What is mentoring
  • Benefits and value of mentoring
  • Building effective mentoring relationships

How to Manage: Common Dermatological Disorders

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RCPCH, London
23 March 2017

Improve your recognition of common dermatological conditions in children and get the latest information on how to treat them.

Dermatological disorders frequently present to child health practitioners, often when patients are seen for other conditions.

This course will develop your knowledge and understanding of atopic eczema, haemangiomas, skin infections, viral exanthem, common lumps and bumps, dermatitis artefacta and toxic erythemas.

You’ll get

How To Manage: Paediatric Allergy

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RCPCH London
27 March 2017

Get practical updates on current epidemiology, NICE guidelines and the management of food allergy.

Led by experts in paediatric allergy this course will cover case based discussions on peanut, egg and milk allergy, with workshops on anaphylaxis, topical treatments and skin prick testing.

You will learn to take an allergy focused history and increase your knowledge of the NICE guidelines and quality standards for food allergy and anaphylaxis.

Effective Educational Supervision

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NIMDTA - Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency, Belfast
31 March 2017

RCPCH has approved this activity for CPD in accordance with the current RCPCH CPD Guidelines.

This training programme was launched in 2013 by the RCPCH to fulfil the GMC’s stipulated requirements for Educational Supervisors. It has been designed for paediatric trainees, SAS and consultants who work with junior doctors and medical students.

Offered both in London and regionally, this training programme has been developed centrally by the College

MRCPCH Clinical Exam Preparation Course (2 days)

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RCPCH, London
20 April 2017

Prepare for your MRCPCH Clinical examination with our comprehensive exam skills preparation course.

Led by an expert faculty of highly experienced senior MRCPCH Clinical examiners, this interactive course will provide a safe environment where you can learn with like-minded candidates. Our elite team will help you to have a better grasp of the assessment criteria, as well as to identify and articulate the skills needed to succeed at each station.

This course is

Child Protection: The Professional Witness in the Courtroom (Scotland)

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Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh
21 April 2017
Paediatricians will encounter many child protection cases during their career and it is likely that a high proportion of these will require written reports, with some cases leading to legal proceedings. Paediatricians play a key role in providing written evidence in the form of professional witness reports and it is vital that they are adequately prepared should a case need to go to court. 
The RCPCH has developed a one day

Effective Educational Supervision

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24 April 2017

Develop your skills and confidence as an Educational Supervisor with our interactive training programme.

The Effective Educational Supervision course will provide an overview of different teaching and learning methods and will help you to become more confident in assessing trainees' learning needs. You will also learn how to prepare and conduct a good educational supervision session and get advice on using ePortfolio appropriately.

There will be plenty of