Annual Conference

'Advocating for children in a rapidly changing world'

Next year's conference will take place at the ICC Birmingham from 28 to 30 April, 2015. 

Registration will open in late September 2014.

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Apr 28 - 30, 2015
International Conference Centre, Broad Street, Birmingham
Day one overview

The first day's theme of the 2014 conference was Quality Improvement. Here is an overview of what the programme offered.


Personal Practice Sessions (repeated at 1145 - 1245)

  • Making every contact count: motivational interviewing skills for paediatricians - Professor Mitch Blair, Dr Diana Moss
  • Rapid response for unexpected death in childhood - Dr Elizabeth Dierckx
  • Developing self-management in chronic care - Dr Peter Lachman
0855-1140 Plenary Session
1145-1245 Personal Practice Sessions (repeat)
1145-1300 Developing Quality Improvement Ideas

The NIHR Clinical Research Network Children's Theme
A new era in supporting paediatric research

1145-1300 Medics and the Media
1300-1345 Lunch, Trade Exhibition and Poster Viewing
1345-1730 Symposium: Improving Care with Changes in the NHS - Lessons from Berwick Report
Organised by PIMMs and Clinical Standards
Specialty Group Sessions (open to all)
  • Paediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Young Persons Health and Paediatric Dermatology
  • Paediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology & Nutrition 
  • Adolescent Bone
  • Paediatric Respiratory
  • Perinatal Medicine
  • Paediatric Mental Health and Community Child Health
1800-1900 Welcome Drinks Reception
1900-2000 Sponsored Symposium: Organised by ViroPharma
Emergency Treatment of Prolonged, Acute Seizures in Children - We have news for you!
1930-2130 Film: A Story of Children and Film
Screening and discussion with the film makers
Play: The Boudiccae
Devised by Dr Andrew N Williams
Based upon five monologues of Northamptonshire mothers of children with special needs


Day two overview

The first day's theme of the 2014 conference was National/International Health Systems. Here is an overview of what the programme offered.

Personal Practice Sessions (repeated at 1200 - 1300)
  • Commissioning Cost-Effective Paediatric Continence Services: New tools to support this process- Ms Norma Wilby and Dr Sameena Shakoor
  • Combining International with NHS Work: How to do it - Professor Steve Allen, Dr Jean Bowyer, Dr Toby Candler Asthmatic, Dr Louise Flemming
  • How to Improve Delivery Room Care from in Preterm Infants - Professor Colm O’Donnel
0900-1200 Plenary Session
1200-1300 Personal Practice Sessions (repeat)
Symposium: Improving health outcomes through psychosocial interventions
Organised by the Paediatric Psychology Network
Why Do Children Die?
Organised by RCPCH Mortality task and Finish group
Lunch for Honorary Fellows, Senior Fellows and Senior Members (Invitation Only)
1300-1345 Lunch, Trade Exhibition and Poster Viewing
1345-1415 Honorary Fellows, Senior Fellows and Senior Members 
Symposium: Participation and Accountability: “My Right to the Highest Standard of Health!”
Organised by UK Youth Advisory Panel, Young Persons Health Special Interest Group, RCPCH Parent and Carers Group
1345-1800 Trainees and Quality Improvement Session

Specialty Group Sessions (open to all)

  • Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia and Paediatric Haematology
  • History of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Paediatric Education
  • International Child Health
  • Childhood Disability and Paediatric Neurology
  • Paediatricians with Expertise in Cardiology 
  • Neurodevelopment Disorders in Children
Clinical Guideline Session 
  • NICE Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (quality standard) - Dr Daphne Keen 
  • NICE Epilepsies in children and young people (quality standard) - Dr Colin Dunkley 
1700-1900 Annual General Meeting of the RCPCH
Sponsored Symposium: Meningococcal Disease – Time for Action
Organised by Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics 
2000-0000 Congress Dinner


Day three overview

The first day's theme of the 2014 conference was Patient Safety. Here is an overview of what the programme offered.


Personal Practice Sessions (repeated at 1200 - 1300)

  • Clinical Ethics - Dr Jo Brierley 
  • Careers Guidance and Support - Ms Tanya Rehman 
  • Cerebral Palsy - Dr Karen Horridge 
  • Feeding the Preterm Baby - Professor Neena Modi
Clinical Guideline Session 
  • NICE Atopic Eczema in Children (quality standard) - Dr Sue Lewis-Jones 
  • NICE Feverish Illness in Children (clinical guideline) - Dr Martin Richardson
0900-1145 Plenary Session
1200-1300 Personal Practice Sessions (repeat)
Symposium: Advanced Paediatric Life Support and Beyond 
Organised by Advanced Life Support Group
1150-1315 SAS Update and Challenges Ahead
1150-1300 College Tutors Session
Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) - Update and Paediatric Perspectives in the Management of Heterozygous FH
1300-1345 Lunch, Trade Exhibition and Poster Viewing
1345-1700 Symposium: Delivering Safe and Reliable Care - Essentials of Patient Safety

Specialty Group Sessions (open to all)

  • Paediatric Nephrology and Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology 
  • Paediatric Allergy Immunology and Infection and General Paediatrics 
  • Paediatric Palliative Medicine / Ethics and Law and Paediatric Intensive Care 
  • Inherited Metabolic Disease and Paediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes 
  • Child and Adolescent Public Health 
  • Clinical Managers


Social events overview

The 2014 conference offered many social opportunities, including the below.

Welcome drinks reception

An opportunity for a glass of wine with colleagues, faculty and members of College staff 
Tuesday, 6pm - 7pm, Hall 3, ICC Conference Centre

British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin: Paediatric Forum professional networking dinner

BAPIO hosted an Indian meal, music and dance
Tuesday, 7:30pm - 11:30pm, Hadley Hall, Bearwood Road, Birmingham
Contact: or 01234 212879
Invitation flyer (PDF)

Christian Medical Fellowship - breakfast

Paediatrician members of the CMF hosted a breakfast with Dr Pablo Fernandez speaking on 'How to walk on water'. 
Wednesday, 8 - 8:55am - Hall 7, ICC Conference Centre
Contact: Ruth Haley - or 020 7234 9660
Invitation flyer (PDF)

RCPCH Congress dinner

RCPCH hosted a night to remember, with its popular annual conference dinner. Tickets - 57.50.
Wednesday, 8pm - midnight, Birmingham City Council Hall

Ulster Cup Golf Tournament

This annual golf competition
1:30pm, Edgbaston Golf Club
Contact: Jayne Bovill -