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The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health leads the way in children and young people’s health, on behalf of its membership. We engage with the following organisations and groups to improve healthcare for children in the UK and overseas: 

  • the media
  • the government
  • the NHS
  • children’s charities
  • stakeholders


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Prime Minister announces new measures to tackle FGM

Dr Geoff Debelle, Officer for Child Protection, responds to the Prime Minister's announcement.

Britain's young deserve better from this government

The prime minister promised to make this country the best place for children to grow up. What happened?

Child Health News

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News from independent organisations and not the opinion of, or endorsed, by the RCPCH.

Smoking, drinking and drug use down in young, report says

Smoking, drinking and drug use among secondary school pupils have more than halved over the past 10 years.

Met police draft in scores of officers to child abuse unit to cope with caseload

In the last six years, child abuse investigators have seen an increase of 52% in reports of rape and a 68% in allegations of sexual assault.


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Plain packaging evidence

I was dismayed when I heard the government were ‘pausing’ with their plans to introduce standardised cigarette...

In the spotlight: Real time feedback from paediatric patients and carers

Just a quick post here as I wish to share an amazing example of good practice and innovation. I recently stumbled across...