The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health leads the way in children and young people’s health, on behalf of its membership. We engage with the following organisations and groups to improve healthcare for children in the UK and overseas: 

  • the media
  • the government
  • the NHS
  • children’s charities
  • stakeholders


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Youngsters question NHS chiefs over their care

RCPCH's Youth Advisory Panel get to question decision makers over the standard of their care.

Laptops on ward rounds 'could save doctors an hour a day'

Using laptops or tablets instead of paper for hospital rounds could save each doctor an hour a day.

Safeguarding guidance for healthcare professionals

Cross-medical professional group guidance now includes specific sections on recognising child trafficking and FGM as indicators of child maltreatment

Child Health News

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News from independent organisations and not the opinion of, or endorsed, by the RCPCH. 

Teachers told to ‘check holiday plans’ of children at risk of FGM

Teachers have been urged to question the holiday plans of girls from African and Middle Eastern families to try to identify those at risk of FGM.

Drama can help autistic children improve their symptoms, a study has shown

Children with autism who take part in drama and performance activities may be able to improve their communication and interpersonal skills.

Under-16s 'refused access to mental health safe havens'

CQC has found children suffering a mental health crisis are forced into police custody because 35% of NHS facilities in England ban under 16s.


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Plain packaging evidence

I was dismayed when I heard the government were ‘pausing’ with their plans to introduce standardised cigarette...

In the spotlight: Real time feedback from paediatric patients and carers

Just a quick post here as I wish to share an amazing example of good practice and innovation. I recently stumbled across...