Written examinations

 FgIIIIiImiII Important notice - computer-based testing

Computer-based testing of the MRCPCH and DCH Theory based papers is planned for go live in January 2015. This includes:

  • Foundation of Practice
  • Theory and Science
  • Applied Knowledge in Practice

The intended go live date for computer based testing to be introduced is for the Applied Knowledge Exam on 14 January 2015. The application period for this exam is Monday 27 October 2014 – Friday 7 November 2014.

The RCPCH does not expect to run any further paper based exams from this point. Therefore, the 17September 2014 Applied Knowledge and 7 October 2014 Foundation of Practice and Theory and Science Exams will be the last paper based examinations run by the RCPCH.

Further information, guidance and a sample paper will be provided as soon as possible.

Online applications – for candidates wishing to sit a written exam in UK, Republic of Ireland and overseas

From November 2013, the RCPCH is pleased to announce that the online application system is now able to accept applications from all candidates - both new entrants and re-entrants wishing to sit any of their written exams in the UK, Republic of Ireland and overseas.

All candidates MUST apply for their exams online from November 2013 onwards. Paper applications will no longer be accepted. 

Admission documents and results letters  

The RCPCH is pleased to announce that admission documents and results letters for written exams will now be sent to all candidates by email.

All admission documents and result letters are now only sent electronically to their registered default email address; hard copies of result letters will no longer be sent.  The Examinations team regret that they are not able to issue results in person, by fax or telephone.

Results are also available for candidates to view via the secure section of this website. If you have not previously registered for an Online Account you will need to follow the instructions given on the sign up page. Please note that no pass list will be published.

Changes to the MRCPCH Part 1 and Part 2 examinations and new syllabi for 2013 - Foundation of Practice, Theory and Science and Applied Knowledge in Practice

From 2013 the Part 1A and Part 1B examinations will undergo minor changes with new supporting syllabi.

  • Part 1A will become the Foundation of Practice examination. Its format and content will be unchanged and a syllabus is now available to support candidates sitting this examination.
  • Part 1B will be redesignated as the Theory and Science examination. The emphasis of the examination will be to test the basic scientific, physiological and pharmacological principles upon which clinical practice is based. The format of the examination will remain unchanged. The supporting syllabus is now available.
  • From May 2013 the Part 2 examination will become the Applied Knowledge in Practice (clinical decisions and management) examination. The syllabus will be unchanged but will be streamlined and codified into a single document for transparency, this will be published in late 2012. The format of the examination will not change. 

Further details regarding what these changes are, the new syllabi and other information about the content of the examinations can be found here. 

Find out about how to apply for all written examinations here.


If you have any queries regarding any of the information provide above please contact examinations.enquiries@rcpch.ac.uk.

*Please note that when submitting an enquiry to the Examinations Team please state the nature of the enquiry in the subject field and ensure that you add your RCPCH number in your email.

*Please note that if you re-send the same enquiry multiple times this will not only result in a delay in your response but will also cause further delay to the responses of all other candidates. The RCPCH Exams Team receives hundreds of enquiries each week. If your response is not dealt with within 5 working days please contact the Exams Team directly by phone.