RCPCH Scotland

Edinburgh.jpgThe RCPCH is represented in Scotland by the Scottish Committee and the Scottish administrative office is located in Edinburgh.

Through interaction with the Scottish Government, RCPCH Scottish Committee advises ministers and the CMO on matters relating to child health. We advise by means of:

  • consultation responses;
  • participation on working groups;
  • direct involvement with government officials on our committees;
  • one to one meetings with the Minister for Public Health and the CMO.

On behalf of Scottish members RCPCH organises:

  • trainees education conference;
  • annual Scottish conference;
  • child protection study day and court skills training;
  • annual St Andrews Day symposium in collaboration with SPS, SACCH, RCPE and RCPSG. 


RCPCH Scotland, 12 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JE
Tel: 0131 247 3644 | Email claire.burnett@rcpch.ac.uk

Officer for Scotland

RCPCH Officer for Scotland is Dr Peter Fowlie.
For enquiries, please email: Claire.Burnett@rcpch.ac.uk

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