Call for nominations for College posts

RCPCH members lead on the College’s mission to ‘transform health through knowledge, innovation and expertise’. Members are invited to nominate themselves for a range of posts on RCPCH committees. We look forward to receiving your nomination.

Among the many benefits of serving in a College post are:

  • making a contribution to paediatrics and child health at a national or regional level
  • building skills and learning in areas where you might not otherwise have experience
  • meeting and networking with peers
  • participating in RCPCH strategy and direction.


All posts require that nominees be in good standing with the College - please see Good Standing Requirements (PDF, 39KB)

Nominees are asked to note the injunction against canvassing in the Election Regulations - please see Conduct of College Elections - Canvassing (PDF, 232KB)

Apply for a College post now - deadline is Monday 8 May 2017, 9.30am

Opportunity - Council

Council - England Area Officer - South England (PDF, 56KB)

Council - Senior Member and Senior Fellow Representative(PDF, 52KB)

Opportunities - Regional Leads

Regional Leads and Deputy Regional Leads (PDF, 74KB)

Opportunities - Committees 

British Paediatric Surveillance Unit (BPSU) Scientific Committee - Ireland Representative (PDF, 59KB)

CSAC Clinical Pharmacology - Assessment Advisor (PDF, 54KB)

CSAC Gastroenterology,  Hepatology and Nutrition - Assessment Advisor (PDF, 56KB)

CSAC Paediatric Allergy, Immunology and Infectious Diseases - Training Advisor (Allergy) (PDF, 56KB)

CSAC Paediatric Neurodisability - Chair (PDF, 57KB)

CSAC Paediatric Oncology - Assessment Advisor (PDF, 54KB)

CSAC Paediatric Oncology - Trainee Representative (PDF, 49KB)

CSAC Paediatric Palliative Medicine - Training Advisor (PDF, 57KB)

CSAC Education and Training Quality Committee - Medical Educationalist (non-paediatric) Representative (PDF, 50KB)

Examinations Executive Committee - Principle Area Theory (PAT) Lead - Ireland (PDF, 70KB)

Health Promotion Committee - Northern Ireland Representative (PDF, 51KB)

ICYP Engagement Committee - Member (PDF, 79KB)

Informatics for Quality Committee - Paediatric Representative (PDF, 51KB)

Informatics for Quality Committee - Scotland Representative (PDF, 51KB)

Intercollegiate Committee for Standards for Children and Young People in Emergency Care Settings (PDF, 49KB)

Ireland Committee - Health Promotion Representative (PDF, 68KB)

Ireland Committee - Informatics for Quality Representative (PDF, 69KB)

Ireland Committee - Medical Management and Leadership Representative (PDF, 69KB)

Ireland Committee - Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Representative (PDF, 68KB)

Less Than Full Time Training Advisors Committee - Regional Representatives (PDF, 50KB)

Medicines Committee - Member (PDF, 48KB)

Paediatricians in Medical Management (PiMM) Committee - Regional Representatives (PDF, 53KB)

Quality Improvement Committee - Trainee Representative (PDF, 53KB)

Trainees Committee - South West (Peninsula) Representative (PDF, 60KB)

Opportunities - Other posts

Careers Advisor - Various regions (PDF, 60KB)


Declaration of interests

All current members of any RCPCH committees, including joint standing committees or working parties, as well as RCPCH Examiners and College Tutors, are required to declare interests.

Please see Register of interests form (PDF, 67KB)

Closing date: 
08 May 2017