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The National Neonatal Audit Programme 2015 Annual Report on 2014 data is now available

 The NNAP 2015 Annual Report on 2015 data was published on 5 November 2015. The report was launched via a presentation of the key findings and recommendations by the NNAP Clinical Lead, Dr Sam Oddie, during the BAPM Annual General and Scientific Meeting in Cambridge.
Of the report’s key findings, two demand particular attention:

  • Follow-up at two years of age of pre-term babies – No two year health data at all was recorded for 46% of babies, a major concern given that developmental delay could be missed, only to become apparent later in childhood.
  • Consultation with parents – The rate of timely consultation with parents has increased over the past two years (89% in 2014 vs 84% in 2013) however one in ten parents were still not recorded as having had a consultation with a senior member of the neonatal team within 24 hours of their baby’s admission to the neonatal unit.

For enquiries in relation to the NNAP, or to request a hard copy of the annual report, please contact the NNAP project team at nnap@rcpch.ac.uk

Fifth annual NNAP and NDAU collaborators’ meeting 2015

The fifth annual NNAP and Neonatal Data Analysis Unit (NDAU) collaborators’ meeting took place on Monday 16 March 2015 at the Holiday Inn, Birmingham. Eighty delegates attended the meeting including patients and a wide range of multidisciplinary team members working in support of neonatal care.

The key aims of the meeting were:

  • Gaining an understanding of the methods and processes of NNAP
  • Opportunities to provide involvement in influencing the development of NNAP questions and analyses
  • Learning about specific examples of quality improvement from around the UK


National Neonatal Audit Programme update  (PPT, 1.67MB)
Dr Sam Oddie, NNAP Clinical Lead

My story (parent/carer experience) (PDF,1.89 MB)
Ms Jo Fraser

Quality improvement in reducing infection: an example from Edinburgh (PPT, 5.12MB)
Dr Claire Smith

What can data do to improve quality on a NNU: examples from VON and the SPIN Study (PPT, 1.42MB)
Dr Alison Leaf

Driving quality improvement in neonatology: role of BAPM (PPT, 4.39MB)
Dr Gopi Menon

How should NNAP attribute outcomes?
Professor Neena Modi

Quality improvement in the neonatal unit – how can nurses contribute (PPT, 255.97)
Ms Denise Evans

Using magnesium to reduce cerebral palsy in preterm infants: a quality improvement initiative
Dr Karen Luyt

Delegates participated enthusiastically in the workshop session

Their valuable feedback will be fully reviewed by the NNAP project board with a view to making improvements to the programme.

Delegate feedback from the day

‘I found other people's "stories" of how they used their data to improve quality very useful and more sessions like this would be great’.

Workshop at NNAP/NDAU meeting  Two delegates at NNAP/NDAU meeting  Workshop (Sam) at NNAP/NDAU meeting

Clinical Reference Advisory Group

NNAP has formed a newly created Clinical Reference Advisory Group (CRAG) as part of its two-year development plan.

The aim of this group of clinicians is to provide a clinician's perspective on NNAP, to suggest, develop and implement new questions, and to help provide critical review of previous questions. NNAP will work constructively with clinicians through this body, British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM) and other contacts with the clinical community.

If you have views on NNAP – share them with us at nnap@rcpch.ac.uk

Developing the future of the NNAP - survey results

This survey in June 2014 aimed to help the NNAP Project Board better understand the views of neonatal colleagues in England and Wales, and to develop the work of the programme in a responsive and inclusive manner.

Survey results (PDF, 992KB, 81 pages)


October 2014 (weblink)

February 2014 (PDF)

December 2013 (PDF)

Leaflets for use on the neontal unit

Guide for parents and carers 2014 (PDF, 233KB, 4 pages)

Leaflet for neonatal staff 2014 (PDF, 481KB, 4 pages)

If you would like a supply of these leaflets for your unit, please contact NNAP on on nnap@rcpch.ac.uk


Email: nnap@rcpch.ac.uk