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NNAP 2016 Audit dataset questions

The NNAP have updated their 2016 audit dataset measures  (PDF, 359KB) which includes an additional measurable standard for Magnesium Sulphate.

The 2016 NNAP/NDAU Collaborators’ Meeting

The NNAP/NDAU Collaborators meeting took place on 18 April 2016 at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London. Further details on presentations and workshop discussions will be available soon.

NNAP 2015 Audit dataset questions

The NNAP have updated their 2015 audit question (PDF, 325 KB) to include a new audit measure for Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia within its dataset for 2015 collection of data.

The National Neonatal Audit Programme launches 'Your baby’s care – A guide to the NNAP for Parents and Carers'

The NNAP has worked with the parent representatives on the project board to produce 'Your baby’s care' which is predominantly aimed at the parents and carers of babies admitted for care on neonatal units. Its purpose is to promote the existence of the NNAP, what it does, and also to act as a guide to the results of the full NNAP 2015 Annual Report on 2014 data. 

The NNAP project team are distributing hard copies of 'Your baby’s care' to all NNAP units and hope that neonatal unit staff will be happy to introduce the publication to parents and carers and to discuss the content with them.  Posters promoting the publication will be also be sent to all participating NNAP units.


December 2015 (PDF, 495 KB)

Developing the future of the NNAP - survey results

This survey in June 2014 aimed to help the NNAP Project Board better understand the views of neonatal colleagues in England and Wales, and to develop the work of the programme in a responsive and inclusive manner.

Survey results (PDF, 992KB, 81 pages) 

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