National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP)

The National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP) has been established with the aim of informing good clinical practice in aspects of neonatal care by auditing national standards.

The NNAP Annual Report 2012 (PDF, 2MB, 124 pages) covers 2012 data from 174 (97%) English and Welsh neonatal units. The methodology used is outlined in a Data Analysis (PDF, 615KB, 21 pages) document.

The Extended Online Version (PDF, 5MB, 186 pages) of the report contains additional information and analyses.

The  Annual Report for Parents and Carers (PDF, 788KB, 8 pages) summarises those areas which parents and carers might find most interesting.

The Quality Improvement (PDF, 105KB, 6 pages) document is available which outlines performance indicators, the detection and management of outlier units and how the audit will monitor change. These final questions look to the future. The follow up data at two years post term is very incomplete and these results confirm NNAP’s concerns about future problems with data collection. They will inform planning of the audit in the years to come. 

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Audit Aims

NNAP was established in January 2006 and is currently commissioned until March 2014 by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP). The audit addresses eleven questions and collects data on every baby admitted to a neonatal unit. From October 2008 units are named in all NNAP reports.

The overall aims of the audit are:

  • to assess whether babies requiring specialist neonatal care receive consistent high quality care across England and Wales in relation to the audit questions;
  • to identify areas for improvement in relation to service delivery and the outcomes of care.


AdiAuAuAudit Audit Update


NNAP/ NDAU Collaborator's Meeting

This years NNAP/NDAU Collaborator's Meeting took place on Monday 3 March 2014 at the Institute of Education, London. The event was attended by 95 delegates from neonatal units in England and Wales.

The annual meeting provided an overview of the progress to date, current work and gave delegates the opportunity to contrubute to the future of the NNAP. All presentations can be found below

Nicola Fitz-Simon: Case Mix Adjustment (18 Pages, 532KB)

Dr Sam Oddie: NNAP Update (28 Pages, 763KB)Collab meeting 2_0.jpg

Dr Angela Huertas: How do we achieve high rates of follow up at 2years?

Dr Roshan Adappa: Defining Chronic Lung Disease for NNAP (15 Pages, 247KB)

Prof Neena Modi: Wide Use of Data Recorded Once

Michele Upton: Quality Improvment  (29 Pages, 881KB)

Dr Sam Oddie: ROP Screening Debate 1 (15 Pages, 538KB) 

Prof Andrew Wilkinson: ROP Screening Debate 2

Dr Gill Adams: ROP Screening Debate 3 (4 Pages, 234KB)


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NNAP newsletters can be found here

February 2014 ( PDF 124KB, 2 Pages)

December 2013


174 (97%) units in England and Wales are now submitting data to the audit:

Units wishing to report amendments to this list, which also appears on the NDAU website, should contact the NNAP Project Administrator.


Audit Questions and Dataset

Questions for the 2014 audit can be found below:

We have produced NNAP Data Entry Guidelines which outlines the data items on the BadgerNet PDF, 3.98MB, 40 Pages) and Badger3( (PDF 3.37MB, 38 Pages) patient record systems which will be used in NNAP analyses from 1 January 2013.

The full data set can be found on the NDAU website.


Two-year follow up

NNAP is auditing the health status of babies <30+0 weeks gestation at birth. The electronic form available on the is the preferred method, but if a paper version is required, it can be downloaded here:


NNAP and the Transparency Agenda

NNAP was identified as an eligible audit in Prime Minister David Cameron's transparency agenda. See the NNAP - transparency and open data page for more information. 



We have produced the following leaflets for use on the neonatal unit:

Please email NNAP if you would like a supply of these leaflets to be sent to your unit.


Contact Us

For further details please contact NNAP