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Annual report

New audit questions

Clinical Reference Advisory Group

Survey results

NNAP/NDAU collaborators' 2014 meeting - presentations



Leaflets for the neonatal unit



2013 NNAP annual report

The extended online version, which covers the period from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2013, is now available to download. The published version of the report will be circulated in due course.

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New audit questions

NNAP welcome carefully thought out new questions, or revisions to existing questions.

In 2014 a proposal for reporting on Chronic Lung Disease was developed, and the Project Board has agreed that this question will be analysed on the 2014 data. Pending discussions it is possible that this will be analysed on a three-year epoch, including data from 2013, 2014 and 2015, with a first report due in summer 2016.

When these are finalised, details will be released in the upcoming NNAP newsletter.

Clinical Reference Advisory Group

NNAP has formed a newly created Clinical Reference Advisory Group (CRAG) as part of its two-year development plan.

The aim of this group of clinicians is to provide a clinician's perspective on NNAP, to suggest, develop and implement new questions, and to help provide critical review of previous questions. NNAP will work constructively with clinicians through this body, British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM) and other contacts with the clinical community.

If you have views on NNAP – share them with us at nnap@rcpch.ac.uk

Developing the future of the NNAP - survey results

This survey in June 2014 aimed to help the NNAP Project Board better understand the views of neonatal colleagues in England and Wales, and to develop the work of the programme in a responsive and inclusive manner.

Survey results (PDF, 992KB, 81 pages)

NNAP/ NDAU collaborators' meeting 2014

The NNAP / Neonatal Data Analysis Unit (NDAU) collaborators' meeting took place on 3 March 2014 at the Institute of Education, London. The event was attended by 95 delegates from neonatal units in England and Wales.

The meeting provided an overview of the progress to date, current work and gave delegates the opportunity to contrubute to the future of the NNAP.


Collab meeting 2_0.jpgNicola Fitz-Simon: Case Mix Adjustment (18 Pages, 532KB)

Dr Sam Oddie: NNAP Update (28 Pages, 763KB)

Dr Angela Huertas: How do we achieve high rates of follow up at 2years?

Dr Roshan Adappa: Defining Chronic Lung Disease for NNAP (15 Pages, 247KB)

Prof Neena Modi: Wide Use of Data Recorded Once

Michele Upton: Quality Improvment  (29 Pages, 881KB)

Dr Sam Oddie: ROP Screening Debate 1 (15 Pages, 538KB) 

Prof Andrew Wilkinson: ROP Screening Debate 2

Dr Gill Adams: ROP Screening Debate 3 (4 Pages, 234KB)


October 2014 (weblink)

February 2014 (PDF)

December 2013 (PDF)


174 (97%) units in England and Wales are now submitting data to the audit.

NNAP list of participating neonatal units (PDF, 308KB, 3 pages)

Units wishing to report amendments to this list, which also appears on the NDAU website, please contact the NNAP Project Administrator on nnap@rcpch.ac.uk.

Leaflets for use on the neontal unit

Guide for parents and carers 2014 (PDF, 233KB, 4 pages)

Leaflet for neonatal staff 2014 (PDF, 481KB, 4 pages)

If you would like a supply of these leaflets for your unit, please contact NNAP on on nnap@rcpch.ac.uk


Email: nnap@rcpch.ac.uk