National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP) animation

The NNAP looks at the care babies receive if they are born early or unwell and need to be admitted to a neonatal unit.

This short animation introduces the NNAP to parents and carers. It outlines how the audit works and what resources it produces. It describes the data collection process and how to opt out of this data sharing. And it signposts to further information and sources of support.

We encourage neonatal units and networks to share this animation with parents and disseminate the resource widely.

This QR code takes you directly to the animation.

The NNAP produces resources specifically for parents and carers:

  • Your baby's care - the parent and carer guide to the NNAP summary report
  • Unit posters - highlight how each unit is performing against a selection of audit measures and what unit's are doing in response to these results
  • Privacy notices - outline how the audit collects and uses data on babies and what parents can do if they want to opt out of this data collection process. 
  • Postcard (download below) - provides a brief overview of the NNAP and signposts to further sources of support including a QR code for the animation 

Other resources:

  • NNAP Online.- find annual results from neonatal units and neonatal networks
  • NNAP interactive data dashboard - based on 2023 measure definitions, the dasbhoard presents results for each of the 10 NNAP performance metrics as annual rolling averages and is updated quarterly 
  • NNAP summary report on 2021 data - we publish an annual summary report as well as an at a glance guide and an extended analysis report

You can follow the NNAP on X (formerly Twitter) @nnap_rcpch

If you have any questions about the audit, please email: