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"This is a time to be kind to ourselves as well as others"

Many of you are working hard, and in new ways, and there is understandable anxiety about the pandemic's impact on training and the paediatric workforce in general. Our Chair of our Trainees Committee offers advice to members.


Our resources cover paediatric services, staffing and rotas, training and CPD, research and surveillance - plus children and young people's insights.

We recognise that redeployment of trainee paediatricians to adult services may be necessary through the pandemic's surges - we've produced principles to minimise disruption to paediatric training.
To help support service planning, we're collecting data from UK clinical leads through the pandemic. Our second phase, a winter alert system, began in December 2020.
We're inviting member nominations for a wide range of opportunities - including Officer of Clinical Standards & QI, Area Officer for South England, trainee reps on our CSACs and much more.

Our major news and media response

The NHS is still providing safe care this winter - advice for families

It can be confusing to know what to do when you or your child is unwell during coronavirus. Our posters have advice to help you wherever you live in the UK.

There is one set for all parents and carers, which you can see below. And more for parents of young babies, and for young people.