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Leading the way in children’s health

We want more healthy children. So we make sure that our members get the knowledge and expertise they need, and we involve children, young people and families in all that we do.

COVID-19 updates

You can find our updates on COVID-19 in one place, including guidance for paediatric services, staffing and rotas, training and CPD, plus research and surveillance.

Healthcare is changing and the paediatric training programme needs to adapt. Our new document sets out 11 training principles and ideas of how things can be achieved differently.
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Services for children and young people face challenges each winter - our guidance, position statements and case studies support a compelling, evidence-based case for children's healthcare.
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No two days are the same for a paediatrician. That's the thrill and the challenge of the job. Paediatrics can sometimes be tough, but it's always rewarding. There's no job quite like it.

Our major news and media response

In our report, we reflect on all we have achieved so that we keep the spirit of innovation and action driving us through the coming months and years.