NHS Digital's Health Survey for England published

RCPCH Prof Mary Fewtrell says there have been "some positive steps forward" but progress on child obesity levels are "disappointing"

Vulnerable children being put in harm's says 'State of Children's Rights' report

RCPCH President Professor Neena Modi responds to the report, saying Government "needs to wake up and start putting children first."

Breastfeeding rates increase when financial incentives given, finds new study

RCPCH's Nutrition Lead, Prof Mary Fewtrell responds to the findings


Webinar: Emerging Challenges to Child Health

Professor Neal Halfron, an innovative thinker in child health service design,delivers an informative webinar, "All Children Thrive"

GMC reduces registration fees

Thousands of newly qualified doctors will benefit from a new fixed-term discount on GMC registration fees

Professor Neal Halfon to host child health webinar at the RCPCH

The discussion will explore emerging threats to child health and innovative strategies to address them

Publications and resources

Global impact report 2012-2017

This report offers some preliminary evidence and analysis of RCPCH Global programmes supporting stronger paediatric and child healthcare in low-income settings around the world.

Read the report

Annual Review 2016

Our 2016 annual review, published in February 2017, provides an overview of RCPCH activities from the calendar year, 01 January 2016 - 31 December 2016.

Read the review

State of Child Health 2017

This report brings together data for the first time on 25 measures of the health of UK children, ranging from specific conditions and risk factors for poor health to child deaths.

Read the report