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Paediatrics 2040 - forecasting the future

We've developed a vision of the future of paediatrics in the UK - by exploring evidence, innovation, models of care and working lives of paediatricians.

COVID-19 - information for paediatricians and families

We at RCPCH continue to look at the risks and impacts of COVID-19 on our members, the wider child health workforce and children and young people. Our resources cover paediatric services, staffing, training and CPD, research and surveillance - plus insights from children and young people.

Information icon - for help
Earlier this month College Officers and staff staff answered trainees' questions and concerns at an online live event - on ARCPs, potential redeployment, wellbeing and more...
Voting is open for our VP for Education and Professional Development and VP for Training and Assessment, and eligible members have been invited to vote online or by post.
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In challenging times, we are still working to deliver high-quality events with prominent speakers and sessions that explore the latest advances in child health.

Our major news and media response

This edition of your membership magazine sees the launch of the Paediatrics 2040 project, the handover of the College presidency and a feature on understanding how mental health is core to paediatrics.

We also hear from a trainee on his experience of being redeployed, how paediatricians can advocate for migrant children and making the most of embedding QI into your service.