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We want more healthy children. So we make sure that our members get the knowledge and expertise they need, and we involve children, young people and families in all that we do.
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We open applications for these theory exams between today, Monday 19 and Thursday 22 November, and these vary by country.
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Raj Kainth explains why he started working less than full time to spend more time with his family, and how it has made him a better doctor.
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Join friends and colleagues at our festive event next month - with readings, performances from prominent choirs and a reception.

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Recruitment is open for ST1 and ST2 posts. We've made some changes to help give applicants more flexibility.

Upcoming courses and events


How to Manage: Gastroenterology

30 April 2019


This course provides delegates with an overview of the investigation and management of common GI presentations in children and young people. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss management and investigation of chronic diarrhoea, managing eating disorders and difficult constipation and how ...