Global child health programmes

We help improve child health worldwide, with cost effective, high impact programmes. We work with our membership of experienced paediatricians and other child health professionals as well as partner organisations.
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Supporting Ukraine

Following the ongoing violence and attacks on Ukraine, we've developed a live member briefing on what we are doing, activity you may wish to consider and clinical support and guidance.

In the last years, we've grown significantly, expanding the scale of our work. And, we've consolidated our strategy to focus on improving quality of clinical care for children in hospitals and health centres.
We work with local partners, ministries of health and international development agencies in a wide range of low- and middle-income settings - with programmes in Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Myanmar.
As part of our commitment to train the global workforce, we run a number of UK-based global health courses. These prepare clinicians for working in low-resource settings around the world. (Our face-to-face courses are currently paused due to COVID-19.)

‘They are out, we are not.’ How overseas aid changed child health in Sierra Leone

The loss of funding because of the Overseas Develoment Assistance cuts in summer 2021 stalled a valuable programme. On RCPCH Insight, our blog at Medium, Dickya Labicane, Dr Alexandra Pledge and Dr Andrew McArdle spoke about the impact that programmes funded by overseas aid can have for infants, children and young people in developing countries, as well as how that impact carries back to the NHS.

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