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Our public affairs work seeks to establish us as the authority on child health matters in Westminster. Using members' on-the-ground experience, we engage with Government, MPs, Peers, their staff, the civil service and wider stakeholders to make the case for policies that will improve children and young people's health outcomes.

How we influence

Ensuring decision-makers introduce the best public policy for children and young people is an important part of our work. Find out more about our approach to influencing.

Access briefings sent to MPs and Peers in advance of debates and question sessions.
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Access written submissions we have made to Select Committee inquiries.
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Our Parliamentary Panel is open to members of all levels - member involvement helps our work make more of an impact in Westminster.

The UK Government recently confirmed they intend to cut Universal Credit payments, which were raised by £20 per week at the start of the pandemic, to pre-March 2020 levels at the end of September.

Life is even harder for families who were struggling before COVID-19, and so alongside other charities we're calling on the Government to see the uplift made permanent. As a member, can you help us?

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