Child protection and safeguarding

As child health professionals, child protection plays a role in everything we do. It is about protecting individual children identified as suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm as a result of abuse or neglect. Safeguarding is a broader issue, and covers how we ensure children grow up in a safe environment.
The Child Protection Companion is your handbook on all forms of child abuse. It looks across the whole range of medical and social interactions: from examination, to identification, to referral, to court.
Child Protection Evidence is our resource based on the latest evidence. It informs clinical practice, procedures and professional and expert opinion in the legal system.
We help give doctors the competencies they need to protect children from abuse. Try our free e-learning programmes or book on to a face-to-face course.


Child Protection Evidence is a resource available for clinicians across the UK and internationally to inform clinical practice. This review evaluates the latest literature on abusive and non-abusive fractures.

How can we best support the needs of this group of vulnerable children and young people? Our resource supports paediatricians in the assessment and management of these children. It looks at the asylum processes in the UK, including access to healthcare, and provides key practice considerations.
This term typically denotes children cared for by Government, though exact definitions vary between the four nations. More than 93,000 children in the UK are in care, 70,000 in England. They are vulnerable to health inequalities, and exhibit significantly higher rates of mental health issues, emotional disorders (anxiety and depression), hyperactivity and autistic spectrum disorder conditions.
The Child Protection Standing Committee is responsible for championing the safeguarding agenda for children and young people. The committee advises on matters relating to child protection – preventing violence, exploitation and abuse against children.

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Child protection study day

10 May 2018


Especially developed for a Scottish audience, this annual, one-day course gives you updates into particular child protection areas. It address common challenges faced by general paediatricians when concerns arise about risk of harm to children and young people.

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Child protection and the anaesthetist

This document - published by Royal College of Anaesthetists in partnership with the RCPCH, Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland, and Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists of Great Britain - aims to assist anaesthetists and theatre personnel where safeguarding concerns are rais...