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Can you help us improve health services for young people like yourself? See how you can get involved and make a difference! And, take a look at our resources, created with and for children, young people and parents.
Illustration of a young person thinking with words: Bullying, Social media, Abuse, Grades, Emotion, Jobs, Neglect, Exams, Pressures, Body image, Future
Young people's experiencs of the pandemic have affected them in so many ways from mental health to education, health needs to information. We work with 16-25 year olds to look at the evidence.
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We've also met with young people around the country to talk about specific experiences - from virtual health services, supporting mental health, shielding and more...
The rights of every child and young person include being safe from harm, having chances to develop, becoming an individual and thriving. Our new booklet is full of activities to explore these rights,
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Our guides and activities are created with and by children, young people and families. As a patient, they can help you get involved in improving your health service. As a health professional, they can support you to meaningfully involve CYP in your work.

How can you increase patient engagement and voice in your work? We deliver guidance on how to involve children and young people in strategic decision making.