Our policy and campaigns work happens across the four nations of the UK. As well as our London office, we have dedicated offices in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast to support our members across the country and engage with national governments. And as an international organisation, we have a growing membership from countries from all parts of the globe.

We are recruiting members at all career stages and across the UK to act as commissioners on this two-year project, which will set out a compelling and credible vision for the future of paediatrics in the UK.

Courses and events around the UK


Careers in paediatrics event


Curious about paediatrics? Explore this exciting career at our free event - with 1:1 sessions, practical workshops, discussion of the recruitment and application process and more!

Our landmark State of Child Health report from 2017 included specific recommendations for each UK nation. We look at progress each year - watch out for our two years on reports coming soon!