Supporting training

Our clinicians and staff ensure the quality and rigorousness of every exam and assessment for trainee paediatricians. We facilitate groups to generate questions and scenarios and use the Standard Setting Angoff process to review questions one final time after the exam. Here's how we support those who support trainees.

The General Medical Council has now approved our plans for a new two-level, run through specialty training programme by 2023. With new training principles, we'll build on our current curriculum to develop RCPCH Progress+, which will be flexible, fulfilling and fit-for-purpose.

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Since August 2018, RCPCH Progress is our curriculum for paediatric training. It sets the standard for the skills, knowledge and behaviours that paediatricians need as they progress through training.
We offer updated guidance on how we'd advise Educational Supervisors and ARCP panels to assess their trainees due for their annual reviews this year. The GMC has approved an extension to the derogations put in place in 2020.
We've been commissioned by Health Education England to produce a curriculum model for Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) paediatric postgraduate courses, as well as an assessment framework - for delivery by March 2022.