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We are improving health outcomes for children and young people in the UK and around the world. How can you play a part?

Why support us?

As a registered charity, our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people across the world, by supporting paediatricians, shaping policy and improving practice.

With your support, we continue to promote excellence in child health research, advocate on public health issues and be the voice for infants, children and young people.

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We transform child health by actively listening to the voice of children, young people and families. We appropriately involve them in a range activities to inform and influence the child health agenda.
Research is essential to advance the science of paediatrics and improving the health and wellbeing of children. Infants, children and young people need healthcare that is tailored to their needs.
We work collaboratively with organisations to develop healthcare standards and guidance, and to influence NHS policy and practice to ensure children and young people have access to high quality, safe and effective care.
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Through our high quality programmes, we aim to expand the learning opportunities for a multidisciplinary paediatric workforce - developing their knowledge and skills, and ultimately improving child health.
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We work in low-income countries to help advance the clinical knowledge and skills of doctors, nurses and other health workers, implement changes in hospital systems and improve overall quality of care for mothers, newborns and children.
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We warmly welcome your support at any level - from a one-off donation to running a marathon to leaving a gift in your will. You can specify that your donation supports a particular programme, or we can direct funds to our highest priority.