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It is so important to take care of yourself as a healthcare professional. College members across the UK recommend some useful wellbeing resources to support you.
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Need support now?

Don’t face your problems alone. There’s no shame in asking for help. We've collated some useful resources for emotional and practical support.

Katarina Stefkova, in front of mural at hospital
Dr Katarina Stefkova gives her top ten tips on practical strategies that can help you and your team.
Eimear McCorry, in front of mural - Welcome to Blossom Paediatric Ward
Dr Eimear McCorry explores her fears that her pandemic strategy was interrupted, and how she found ways to embrace the positives.
Sarah Arthur
Dr Sarah Arthur gives her personal insight into providing supportive environments that allows trainees to feel less overwhelmed.
Susie and Benita sharing sweets, in front of a colourful mural | RCPCH Podcasts
Dr Ash Patel tells us how sharing baked treats are one way to build a culture of wellbeing, while Susie and Benita explain how to find out what really matters to your team.
Seb Gray at his office | RCPCH Podcasts
Dr Seb Gray talks about joy in work and Dr Dal Hothi, our Officer for Lifelong Careers on cultivating connection and standing up for paediatricians.

Dr Jess Morgan and Dr Anna Baverstock, seated and smiling | RCPCH Podcasts
Dr Jess Morgan and Dr Anna Baverstock talk about brave spaces, the importance (and limits) of self-care and those "small moments of human connection".
Justin in his kitchen
Express your creativity and indulge yourself with a bit of cooking! We're featuring members' favourite recipes, from Justin's Kakuni (pictured) to Katy Rose's plant-based dishes.
Two people talking while walking down a corridor
This exciting project aims to improve the working lives of paediatricians, recognising the many multi-layered, multifaceted challenges the workforce is facing. Clinical Fellows bring you blogs.
Christina Tran
Dr Christina Tran outlines the value of exercise in maintaining positive wellbeing and what steps you can take to incorporate it into your daily routine.
Illustration of people using track, swimming pool and rock climbing wall

Every edition of our members' magazine Milestones has dedicated features on wellbeing, where health professionals offer advice, resources and support. 

John McCabe and family get ready to climb
Dr John McCabe shares his love of climbing, and advises how best to ensure your children are safe and healthy if you're climbing as a family.
Shosh Layman
Dr Shosh Layman tells us about the success of a project she started to support the wellbeing of her colleagues and improve morale.
Stacey Killick and colleague
As doctors are well recognised as being strong, determined, and able to deal with a variety of stressors. But what about when things go wrong? Dr Stacey Killick offers her advice.
We can all benefit from building connections and growing compassion, says Dr Anna Baverstock, and the ripple effect from very small acts of kindness can be large.
Anxiety can take root and flourish in a time like now. Dr Sanjay Suri looks at how we can focus on the present and examine our worries.
Dr Samantha Cooray is a British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. She talks us through a relaxing yoga practise and gives links so you can learn more.

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