Child mental health

We must work together to improve children's mental health - to put resources into early intervention and prevention, building resilience and ensuring our workforce is trained to spot the signs of mental ill health and equipped to refer and support children.

Role of paediatricians in supporting children and young people's mental health

There is considerable variation in how child mental health services are delivered across the UK.

Our position statement outlines the role of paediatricians in supporting children and young people’s mental health and makes key recommendations to ensure their mental health needs are met.

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Our summer intern, Papia (age 17) created a pocketbook to show healthcare professionals young people's expectations of how they wish their doctor’s consultations to be.
Based on the classic children's game, this game provides ‘Facts vs Myths’ surrounding the subject of mental health, which can enable a teacher/healthcare professional to facilitate a discussion regarding this issue
This game, designed by Amina (aged 17) one of our Summer 2017 interns, enables a young person to pick the emoji cards that best represent how they are feeling, prompt them to discuss the topic and find out more information.