Child mental health

We must work together to improve children's mental health - to put resources into early intervention and prevention, building resilience and ensuring our workforce is trained to spot the signs of mental ill health and equipped to refer and support children.
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Childhood mental health problems are common and increasing across the UK. Our position, updated in February 2024, outlines the role for paediatricians in prevention, early recognition and holistic care. It also calls for greater investment, support for child health professionals and government action.
In spring 2022, we hosted a webinar outlining this position, describing training opportunities, networking with CAMHS and seeking views from children and young people.
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The pandemic exacerbated existing pressures on services caring for children and young people presenting with mental ill health. Our joint statement with RCEM and RCPsych recommends how services can work together.
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State of Child Health is our landmark report into the health and wellbeing of children and young people in the UK, which looks at data on child health outcomes - including mental health prevalence and services.
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In July 2022 we responded to the Department of Health and Social Care call for evidence to inform its new 10-year strategy for England. We argue for a holistic and inclusive approach, prioritising early intervention, integration and multidisciplinary working.

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