Work we do

As well as our essential work in education and career support for paediatricians, our staff and members work on a range of programmes to improve child health - from quality improvement to workforce studies, from research in the UK to global child health programmes. Find out more and get involved.

In March 2020, it became clear that the NHS was facing an enormous challenge in responding to the novel coronavirus pandemic. This included child health services who had to respond rapidly with no precedence or rulebook.

Our report shows findings from child health services across the UK about the impact of COVID-19, from April to July 2020.

Epilepsy12 audit

The covers of the Epilepsy12 National report, and clinical and organisational appendices. There is a young boy who is smiling on each cover.

Our new combined report presents key findings and recommendations from the 2019 organisational and clinical audits in England and Wales. It shows incremental improvements in some areas, but a need for change in others.

Also available are appendices for each audit, and detailed report spreadsheets.

Letters spelling CHANGE created by children and young people at our State of Child Health Two Years On events

Back in 2015, 10 young people and parents/carers launched RCPCH &Us, a new way for children, young people and families to get involved with our work across the UK.

Fast track to 2020 and over 7,000 children, young people and family members, and 4,00 health workers, have got involved in projects, events, activities.