Work we do

As well as our essential work in education and career support for paediatricians, our staff and members work on a range of programmes to improve child health - from quality improvement to workforce studies, from research in the UK to global child health programmes. Find out more and get involved.

The NHS England service evaluation and audit aims to provide up-to-date information on children admitted to hospital with COVID19, and we're publishing data.

Clinical research fellowship

Dr Asma Soltani is our first winner of this joint award by RCPCH and Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children, which aims to identify and nurture a new generation of child health researchers.

Dr Soltani will carry out UK research into Rett syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. She says, "I am honoured to be the fellowship’s recipient and hope that I can achieve the level of medicine that will make an impacting difference on helping children with complex conditions that currently have no cure."

Letters spelling CHANGE created by children and young people at our State of Child Health Two Years On events

Back in April 2015, 10 young people and parents/carers launched RCPCH &Us, a new way for children, young people and families to get involved with our work across the UK.

Fast track to 2020 and over 7,000 children, young people and family members, and 4,00 health workers, have got involved in projects, events, activities.