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Theory exams - upcoming exam dates and when to apply

We have three diets each year for all three theory exams, FOP, TAS and AKP. These take place across the UK and in countries around the world. This page has dates and countries of upcoming theory exams, and the application periods for each, and is regularly updated.

Theory exams - what to expect after your exam

Your results will be available in your online account 6 to 7 weeks after you sit your exam. We will also email you your results, with more detailed feedback, a week later. This page explains your results and what to do next.

Theory exams - how to prepare for the exam day

Four to six weeks before your theory exam, you will receive an admissions document via your ePortfolio account. This has all the information you need to sit your exam at a test centre or via online invigilation. Here you can find more practical tips on how to prepare for your exam, and what to expec...

Theory exams - how you sit your exam

The theory exams are computer-based and take place a set date and time. Most candidates sit their theory exam in a test centre. We have test centres around the UK and in many countries around the world. Some candidates are eligible to sit their theory exam via online invigilation, which is usually d...