Equality, diversity and inclusion

Our work in this area is a fundamentally important process for the College. Our aim is to reflect the diversity of our membership and provide fair and equal opportunities for all, supported by insights from our member reference group and staff working group.
Our latest plan focuses on ways that we can further embed EDI into everything that we do.
This two-year programme of work focused on four key topics: working lives of paediatricians; health outcomes for children and young people; College volunteering and awards; and our College.
Our first action plan from 2020 looked at ways to open up volunteer roles to better reflect the diversity of our membership.
EDI is a key priority at the College. We outline why we undertake this work and how we stay accountable.
An insight into our year-long mentoring programme, pairing members from an underrepresented background with one of our College Officers.
We provide a central repository of resources to support our members in all things EDI.
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Diversity data of our members

We are committed to becoming a more inclusive organisation. We need data to understand representation across our membership which we can then use to advance equal opportunities in College work. As of November 2023, all users are prompted to complete their diversity profile when they first log into the website.

Blogs and updates on EDI