Equality, diversity and inclusion

Our work in this area is a fundamentally important process for the College; that we hold a mirror up to ourselves, look at whether we truly reflect the breadth and diversity of our membership and put into place the actions that will answer these questions.

Our progress on opening up volunteer roles

One year on from the publication of our action plan, we report back on what we have achieved and what still needs to be done. This summary shows progress against our four pledges.

Our first report, with external input, looked at member representation in our voluntary roles, and we outlined an action plan in summer 2020. One year later, we report on how far we've come, and what we still have to do.
Earlier this year, and with input from a wide range of members we published reports on four topics: working lives of paediatricians; health outcomes for children and young people; College volunteering and awards; and our College.
Our members expect the College to show leadership in this area. Our oversight group continues to ensure EDI is embedded across the College, and the member reference group regularly feeds in valuable insight.

Members' blogs

Diversity monitoring form

The College is committed to becoming a more inclusive organisation. It is vital that we collect data in order to measure the impact of our work in EDI.

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