Equality, diversity and inclusion

Our work in this area is a fundamentally important step for the College; that we hold a mirror up to ourselves, look at whether we truly reflect the breadth and diversity of our membership and start to put into place the actions that will answer these questions.
This is the beginning of our attempt to address the problems that are deep-rooted and will need concerted action. We outline our plans and governance, including a new member reference group.
In 2019, we commissioned a report, with external input, on member representation in our voluntary roles. Our action plan, published in July 2020, outlines how we are implementing the report's recommendations.
Our second phase started in August 2020 addresses wider issues across the protected characteristics. We're focusing on matters raised by members as well as in the work paediatricians do to support children and young people.

From our members


It’s time to talk about race

Kunal Babla, an ST8 in neonatal medicine in London, is proud to hold some voluntary roles in the College and inspire junior doctors in their career. But, he argues, we need to break the taboo and speak up about racism. He proposes suggestions for how we as a College can move forward.

"My race is an integral part of who I am but, equally, it is not my only story. Hopefully one day there won’t be a need to highlight the perspectives of a Black doctor — we’ll just be doctors."

Dr Segn Nedd, Paediatric Registrar at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and EDI representative on our Trainees; Committee, writes on our new RCPCH Insight blog.