Medicines resources

We provide evidence-based information on prescribing and medicines safety to support healthcare professionals.

Medicines Committee

A collaborative standing committee with joint membership between RCPCH and Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacy Group (NPPG).

Meeting three times a year, it advises external agencies and supports a range of activities to ensure that the medications prescribed for children and young people are safe and effective and provided by appropriately trained healthcare professionals. 

Our website provides practical and reliable information to parents and carers about giving medicines to their child - with leaflets on many medicines plus explanatory videos..

News relating to medicines


A young person’s experience of living with epilepsy

In this first of a podcast series from the Medicines for Children team, we speak with Fiona, a young person with epilepsy, and her mum, Karen. It's an honest and lively discussion from their fear at first diagnosis to working out the right medication, to learning to live well with the condition.

Pill swallowing in children podcasts

How can we as paediatric health professionals support children and young people to swallow pills? In this series of educational podcasts, produced with Kidzmed, Dr Emma Lim chats with colleagues at the Great North Children's Hospital in Newcastle to explore what's gone well and what they can learn.....