Get your exam account

To apply for the MRCPCH (Membership exam) or DCH (Diploma in Child Health), you first need to register for exams. You just need to do this once.

You need an RCPCH online account (with an RCPCH number). Then you can complete our short registration form - with your GMC number (UK trainees only) or evidence of your primary medical qualification.

When to register

You can register for exams at any time throughout the year. After your registration is accepted, you can apply for an exam but only during relevant open application periods.

It takes at least 10 working days to process registration.

During exam application periods we are not able to process registrations. Please register three to four weeks before exam application period opens to help ensure you do not miss your preferred exam diet.

The best dates to register for exams are usually January, May and September.

Create your RCPCH online account

It takes just a few minutes to create your account. 

You will need to provide your full name and date of birth. Please check carefully, as it is important these are correct; your full name must match that in your passport. If you need to change your name or date of birth, you will need to contact us.

If you use just one name (mononym), please enter the name into the surname field.

Please also provide your contact details plus further details as prompted. You can update your details on your online account at any time.

If you have an RCPCH number (eg if you are an RCPCH member or have previously registered for examinations), this can be found on any correspondence sent to you from the College. If you think you have an RCPCH number but can't remember it, please contact us on

Create an account

Log in

Check your details are correct

Once signed in, you can go to Account in the website header.

Here you can check your details are correct, and add more details in the sections, Your personal details, Your work details and Your contact preferences. You can also select Your interests to customise your homepage and other messages from the College.

Please complete the equal opportunities section in Your personal details. Any personal and sensitive data that you provide will be used solely for equal opportunities monitoring purposes and processed in line with the General Data Protection Regulation. This information will form part of your record. We will continue to use it for monitoring purposes throughout the duration of your relationship with the College.

Register for exams

In your Account, go to Exams and select Register.

Select your qualification route (MRCPCH or DCH), and complete a short form in relation to your primary medical qualification.

If you are fully GMC (General Medical Council) registered, enter your GMC number. You do not need to give any evidence of your primary medical qualification if you are GMC registered. Your GMC number and details will be automatically checked and, if these match, your registration will be accepted.

If you are not fully GMC registered, upload a copy of your primary medical qualification(s). You can use a scanned copy or high quality photograph. The Exams Team will review this - please allow at least 10 working days.

Finally, select the box to confirm the information you have provided is true and accurate, and then click Next.

If we have any queries regarding your primary medical qualification(s), we will contact you by email.

If your name is different

Your full name on your RCPCH account must be the same as in your passport.

If your name is different, or has changed since you created your online account, please upload a scan of your passport as well as your primary medical qualification(s). The Exams team will edit the name on your account.

Please do not create a new RCPCH online account.

If your registration is rejected

The Exams Team will contact you directly with reasons for rejection or to assist with any issue you may have with the process.