Thrive Paediatrics

Thrive Paediatrics is a project that aims to improve the working lives of paediatricians. It recognises the many multi-layered, multifaceted challenges that the workforce is facing and identifies the need for change.

Across the country paediatricians are doing excellent work, and passionate about improving the working lives of colleagues

This is the energy that Thrive Paediatrics hopes to draw on and amplify by creating Wellbeing and Innovation Networks (WINs). These are communities where paediatricians come together to share stories and, using the newly published RCPCH Roadmap for Transforming the Lives of Paediatricians as a tool, begin to draw from each other’s experiences to activate change.

With funding from the Dinwoodie Foundation, this phase of the project will see the development of two pilot WINs. Interested individuals and departments in these regions will work closely with the two Dinwoodie RCPCH Fellows and the wider Thrive Paediatrics team to build a sense of community and belonging, and implement initiatives that transform our working lives for good. 

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The Roadmap for Transforming the Working Lives of Paediatricians is an RCPCH document that identifies the multi-layered challenges that our workforce is facing. It offers a framework for reflecting on our own stories to identify areas of good practice as well as highlighting things that could be improved.
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Wellbeing and Innovation Networks are communities of paediatric professionals with a shared drive to create change. Inclusive and diverse, they will provide a space to reflect and draw on each other’s experience to come up with initiatives that will improve the working lives of local paediatricians.
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We invite paediatricians from all professional backgrounds across the UK to join our one-hour online drop-in sessions. Hosted by our Clinical Fellows on the Thrive programme, these are an opportunity to share experiences and consider how we can improve our working lives.

"A vision of how things could be - and should be" - Dr Jonathan Darling, RCPCH VP for Education and Training

"The NHS currently feels like a difficult place. The cost-of-living crisis, widespread industrial action and the impact of COVID-19 have all added to a system already stretched by rota gaps and capacity issues. So, to talk about thriving in our paediatric careers risks accusations of being divorced from reality, of pointless dreaming.

"But in our Thrive Paediatrics work, we venture to suggest that there is a place for a dreaming, for a vision of how things could be - and should be.

"Change will not happen simply through painting such a picture. But it is surely more likely to happen if together we develop and share that vision, and feel empowered to reach for it."

"You deserve to feel fulfilled, to be valued and nurtured" - Dr Jess Morgan, RCPCH Dinwoodie Clinical Fellow

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