Workforce information and planning

We play a key role in workforce planning to ensure there is an appropriately trained paediatric medical workforce to deliver safe and sustainable services for children in the UK - in the present and in the future.
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Consultant job planning toolkit

Our new toolkit guides consultant paediatricians in the NHS from preparation for the first job planning meeting, through to objective setting and review, plus information on leave and alternative working patterns.

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To support members and other stakeholders, we collate and present paediatric workforce information in the UK via interactive maps and graphs, plus a detailed list of official resources.
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Our varied reports on the paediatric workforce in the UK are based on data we have collected via the workforce census, service audits and other research projects.

Workforce census

Our latest census reports, published in October 2022, provide an overview of the paediatric and child health workforce, focusing on consultants and SAS doctors working in the UK, with key recommendations.
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Thrive Paediatrics

This project aims to improve the working lives of paediatricians. It recognises the many multi-layered, multifaceted challenges that the workforce is facing and identifies the need for change.

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