Workforce information and planning

We play a key role in workforce planning to ensure there is an appropriately trained paediatric medical workforce to deliver safe and sustainable services for children in the UK - in the present and in the future.

Our Census of the UK paediatric workforce

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As demand on the paediatric workforce continues to increase, change is urgently needed.

Our Workforce Census delivers a unique overview of consultant and SAS doctor work-life, providing the basis for three key recommendations: develop a bespoke, nation-based workforce strategy; support new ways of working and wellbeing; and place equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of planning.

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We have collated paediatric workforce information in the UK to help support members and other stakeholders - including interactive maps and a detailed list of official resources.
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Our varied reports on the paediatric workforce in the UK are based on data we have collected via the census, service audits and other research projects.

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