Rights and permissions for reuse of RCPCH-copyrighted material

This is the College's policy on permitting use of our logo, copyright and permissions for reuse of RCPCH-copyrighted material.

Use of RCPCH-copyrighted material

Unless stated otherwise, the RCPCH maintains copyright on the content published on this site, including items such as guidelines, policies, reports, books, multimedia and educational materials. This list is not exhaustive.

Please note that it is not permitted to reproduce RCPCH materials in their entirety under a different organisation’s logo. It may be possible for Trusts or other healthcare organisations to adapt the information and issue it under their own logo, if permission is agreed in advance and accredited to RCPCH.

Commercial requests

If you wish to reuse or reproduce content (including text, algorithms, tables and figures) from RCPCH materials for commercial products, please request permission via PLSClear or use the search bar below to find the resource you would like permission from.

Before submitting a request, please make sure the material you wish to reproduce belongs to the RCPCH and is not credited to another source.


Search tips

The easiest way to find the resource you are looking for is to search for the web address as permissions of all electronic resources will fall under the top-level website URL.

  • Do you want permission to reuse a table from a RCPCH electronic resource (e.g. clinical guideline)?
    • Search for ‘RCPCH’ and select www.rcpch.ac.uk as most College electronic publications fall under this category
  • Do you want to reuse a section of text from the latest State of Child Health report / website?
    • Search for and select ‘stateofchildhealth.rcpch.ac.uk’
  • Do you want to reuse a section of text from the Child Protection Portal?
    • Search for and select ‘childprotection.rcpch.ac.uk’

If you are unable to find the resource you are looking for, email copyright@rcpch.ac.uk.

Non-commercial requests

If you wish to reuse or reproduce content from RCPCH materials for non-commercial products or are a not-for-profit organisation, please email copyright@rcpch.ac.uk to discuss the options available.

Use of the RCPCH logo by third parties

Strict control is placed on use of the RCPCH logo by third parties.

The use of the RCPCH branding is not permitted without written permission from the RCPCH. Accordingly, we reserve the right to request removal of RCPCH branding from any material (printed or electronic) which contains it without our written permission.

We grant permission to use the RCPCH branding only for official RCPCH business or where the RCPCH has participated in an event or publication where use of the logo is specifically agreed. The RCPCH logo is not permitted for use by individuals (with or without membership/fellowship) for their personal web/digital presence.

If you have an educational programme, mentoring scheme, clinical guideline or other publication that is relevant to paediatrics and child health, you may wish to seek RCPCH endorsement. For more information on RCPCH endorsement visit our endorsement page, or if you have any further questions please email copyright@rcpch.ac.uk.

Use of Archives of Disease in Childhood journal content

The reuse and reproduction of excerpts from RCPCH Archives of Disease in Childhood journal can be acquired online from BMJ (British Medical Journal) / RightsLink. Instructions for this process can be found on via BMJ Permissions.


For more information, please visit the RCPCH website terms and conditions page.

Further information

If you have a question about permissions and copyrights, please contact copyright@rcpch.ac.uk.