Winter planning

Services for children and young people face challenges, and particularly each winter. With our guidance, position statements and case studies, we support members to make a compelling and evidence-based case for children's healthcare.

Restoring children's health services - COVID-19 and winter

We called on national and local health service leaders across the UK to restore children’s access to the health services they need.

We were not underestimating the challenge, but without prompt attention there's a real risk that health inequalities will widen, vulnerable children will slip through the net and there will be long term damage to workforce development and service innovation.

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While robust infection control processes are essential, we've needed to ensure that the flow of patients through the hospital is maintained. We have recommendations on the management of infants and children with bronchiolitis and lower respiratory tract infections.
The prospect of delivering emergency care through a winter season during the COVID-19 pandemic has presented an extra challenge. We outlined a range of good practice ideas that may help members.
Our joint position statement with RCEM and RCN, published in November 2019, recommended a whole system approach to healthcare planning that treats children equally to adults in emergency departments.

COVID-19 &Us - children and young people's views

Our RCPCH &Us programme has been working with young people around the UK - reflecting on their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the evidence from studies. Their insight helps inform our future planning.

A vision of how paediatric care can be delivered to provide a safe and sustainable, high-quality service that meets the health needs of every child and young person.
How have hospitals and clinical teams like yours implemented these standards? We've collated examples from around the country, including some focused on winter planning.
Our quality improvement sharing hub includes resources and examples of interventions in a number of clinical practice areas, plus updates and events related to QI.

Advice for parents and young people

It can be confusing to know what to do when you or your child is unwell during coronavirus. Our posters have advice to help you wherever you live in the UK.

There is one set for all parents and carers, which you can see below. And more for parents of young babies, and for young people.