RCPCH Progress+ (from summer 2023)

The General Medical Council approved our plans for a two-level, run through specialty training programme, in response to the Shape of training review. Live from this summer, Progress+ builds on the current curriculum, and will be flexible and fulfilling. Our FAQs, resources and updates outline what to expect.

Answering your questions

We've filled this page with guidance about the changes, but we know there are many individual circumstances, and invite you to get in touch with us.

And, Dr Cathryn Chadwick, VP for Training and Assessment and Dr Emma Dyer, Chair of the Trainees' Committee have written a blog for anyone feeling a little nervous about the upcoming changes... This includes a helpful chart to manage any impact on the pay progression scale.

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As a current or prospective trainee, or an educational supervisor, we understand you'll have questions about how these changes will affect you and your colleagues. Our FAQs are from conversations around the UK.
You can download the Progress+ curriculum document, which includes the Learning Outcomes and Key Capabilities all trainees will need, as well as the two syllabi for core and specialty training. For use from summer 2023.
This is a resource guide with ideas drawn from examples of current practice across the UK. Some may be straightforward to implement locally and some may be more aspirational, but all are designed to be useful prompts for those responsible for designing training.

News and blogs


Just over six months until Progress+

Our new two-level training programme comes in from August 2023. If you're feeling overwhelmed or just a bit nervous about this change, don't panic! Dr Cathryn Chadwick, VP for Training and Assessment and Dr Emma Dyer, Chair of the Trainees Committee explain.