RCPCH Progress+

Progress+ is our two-level, run-through specialty training programme, which aims to be both flexible and fulfilling. Find the full curriculum and syllabi (for both Progress+ 2023 and Progress 2018), FAQs and resources here.

Answering your questions

This page links to guidance about Progress+, but we know there are many individual circumstances and invite you to get in touch with us.

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Download the Progress+ curriculum, which outlines the Learning Outcomes and Key Capabilities, and the two syllabi for core and specialty training levels. (Also available are the Progress curriculum and level 3 generic syllabus for trainees CCT'ing by Sep 2024.)
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As a current or prospective trainee, or an educational supervisor, we understand you'll have questions about Progress+ is affecting you and your colleagues. Our updated FAQs are from conversations around the UK.
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This is a resource guide with ideas drawn from examples of current practice across the UK. Some may be straightforward to implement locally and some may be more aspirational, but all are designed to be useful prompts for those responsible for designing training.

News and blogs about Progress+ and paediatric training

President's update

Welcoming new members and looking ahead - President’s update

Steve reflects on the recent Membership Ceremony in Manchester where members, fellows, family and friends gathered to celebrate new paediatricians. There is also information on all the ways to get involved at the College and an update on the recently announced UK General Election.

Trainees taking the lead at our St David's Day Conference

Dr Matthew Spencer led a group of enthusiastic paediatric trainees to deliver the RCPCH Wales St David’s Day Conference last week in Cardiff. The RCPCH Wales team asked Matt (pictured) a few questions about his experience before and on the day and if he had any advice for next year's organiser.

Paediatric training in “Norn Iron”

Dr Christine Sloan is an ST4 in Northern Ireland, where training experiences include "endless opportunities... to fulfill our aspirations".