RCPCH Progress+ and our Shape of training plans

The General Medical Council has approved our plans for a new two-level, run through specialty training programme from summer 2023, which will be flexible, fulfilling and fit-for-purpose. Our FAQs and other resources outline what to expect from future updates to the curriculum: RCPCH Progress+.
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Our Vice President of Training & Assessment, Cathryn Chadwick, introduces our new training programme, now due to roll out from 2023, which will be outcomes-based, flexible and fit for the needs of our children and young people.
Trusts, deaneries and teams around the country are preparing for RCPCH Progress+. We recommend five good practice areas, and our maps show which College regions are starting to embed these.
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We understand that as current or prospective trainees, or as educational supervisors, you'll have some questions about how these changes will affect you and your colleagues. We're speaking with clinicians around the UK, and updating our FAQs.

Our new series to introduce the training principles

RCPCH Progress+ Training principle of the month

Progress+ includes 11 new principles from "every patient encounter is a learning opportunity" to "progression and length of training are personalised and flexible".

From October 2021, trainees, consultants and children and young people will be sharing personal experiences, case studies and teaching resources for each principle to help you prepare...

In October 2020 we published Paediatrician of the Future, which sets out our 11 new principles for training to form the basis of RCPCH Progress+.

The guide gives a background to our philosophy underpinning these changes. And, with illustrations and case studies from across the UK, demonstrates how the training principles can be applied in existing settings.

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