RCPCH Progress+ and our Shape of training plans

We plan to introduce a new two-level, run through specialty training programme from summer 2023, ensuring it is flexible, fulfilling and fit-for-purpose. Our FAQs and other resources outline what to expect from future updates to the curriculum, RCPCH Progress+.

Quick updates on RCPCH Progress+

In late April, we submitted our plans for the future shape of paediatric training to the General Medical Council (GMC) for approval.

And earlier this year, Dr David Evans, VP for Training & Assessment, gave a quick overview of what to expect in your member magazine, Milestones. Read from page 6 here...

Healthcare is changing and the paediatric training programme needs to adapt to prepare doctors for this.

Last October we published Paediatrician of the Future, which sets out our principles for postgraduate paediatric training and how to apply them within local training programmes.

In 2013 the government-commissioned UK "Shape of training" report outlined changes to medical training to ensure the workforce meets the health service's future needs. We've welcomed this as an opportunity to reframe and refocus our current training programme,
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We understand that as current or prospective trainees, or as educational supervisors, you'll have some questions about how these changes will affect you and your colleagues. We've been speaking with clinicians around the UK, and we're answering common queries - last updated in May 2021.
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"Every patient encounter is a learning opportunity." Our VP for Training and Assessment has worked with the College and other clinicians to develop this new programme. Last September, we spoke to David about what to expect from the future training programme.

Information for Service Leads - implications of changes

Last October,  we asked David Evans, Vice President for Training and Assessment, and Nicola Jay, Officer for Workforce Planning and Health Services to tell us more about Shape of training, the new training pathway and what the implications will be for service leads. Catch up with this video.

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