Lifelong careers in paediatrics

Paediatrics is a rewarding but challenging specialty. We're committed to supporting you at every stage, from training and beyond. Find out more about the work we're doing around workforce, rota gaps and wellbeing, and hear from other paediatricians about what helps them.
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Written by trainees, this guide covers the essential elements on what to expect from your training post, and examples of good practice that showcase how different centres across the UK look after their trainees.
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Specialist, Associate Specialist and Specialty (SAS) doctors play important roles in general paediatrics and community child health. The College supports this cohort on education and representation through the SAS Committee.
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As a consultant or other career-grade doctor, you may have a varied career path in paediatrics - such as a 'portfolio career' or less than full time working, volunteering overseas or taking a career break. We look at the varied options.
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Introducing Thrive Paediatrics

Across the country paediatricians are doing excellent work and are passionate about improving the working lives of colleagues.

Thrive Paediatrics is building on this energy. We're developing communities of paediatricians to share stories and, with our roadmap, make positive, lasting change.

"We are all so grateful because of you..."

"You are helpful, kind, caring and professional"

We've been speaking with children and young people about their experiences with the NHS - have a look at what they have to say!.

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It is so important to take care of yourself as a healthcare professional. College members across the UK recommend some useful wellbeing resources and share their experiences.
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To identify how best you learn, develop critical thinking and improve your clinical practice, you can engage in regular reflection. We offer key tips and look at self-care, especially for trainees.
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Each of us faces questions, dilemmas, even big problems in relation to our career... Our service, free to members, provides personal career guidance through a network of advisors.
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Thinking about retirement

For many, retirement is a celebration of life’s work, and an opportunity for a new chapter. Senior members of the College share their experiences and advice - from managing your workload before retirement to developing a sense of fulfilment afterwards.

Member blogs and updates on wellbeing

President's blog

Lessons from the past to inform our future - President’s update

As the College looks to the future, Steve has been reviewing our archives and discovering what we can learn from the past. Also in this update, as whooping cough cases rise there is a call to download and display our vaccination poster. Plus, hear about lots of ways for you to get involved with your...

Talking about civility and kindness

This month, Dr Jess Morgan, Dinwoodie RCPCH Fellow, explores how the Thrive team has been raising the profile of civility and reflects on what this means for you.