Genomics has the potential to change our approaches to healthcare. By gathering insight from paediatricians and children and young people, we are developing an ambitious Genomics Programme. The programme aim is to address unmet need across the sector, in order to improve the health of children and young people.
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Study Day: Applications of genomics in paediatrics - 10 June

Join our CPD-approved in-person study day on the fundamentals of genomics in paediatrics! Talks and workshops will cover the fundamentals of genomic medicine, practicalities of testing, genomics education and a look to the future.
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Our resource helps clinicians learn about the benefits and limitations of different genetic tests and the approach for selecting the appropriate test, plus consent. It includes a downloadable flowchart.
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From the Genomics Education Programme, these Genomic Notes for clinicians provide quick, concise information to help you make the right genomic decisions at each stage of a clinical pathway.
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Our Genomics Working Group has collated relevant resources, which cover the NHS Newborn Genomes Programme, education and training, and ethics.
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What is the difference between genetics and genomics? How is genomics used in the clinic and why is it important?
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We provide information about the Whole Genome Sequencing programme, which is led by Genomics England.
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Genomics is a priority topic for the College. Learn more about the ambitions underlying all our plans with the Genomics Working Group.
At this special half-day event, paediatricians, geneticists and service users from across England discussed how to embed and mainstream genomics into paediatrics.
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Dr Harry Leitch spoke about how to order genomic tests on the NHS, with a particular focus on Whole Genome Sequencing.

We want to equip members with genomics knowledge for clinical practice

In March 2023, we celebrated 'Month of Genomics' in collaboration with NHSE Genomics Education Programme, and kicked off with this short vlog by RCPCH President, Dr Camilla Kingdon. She explains how genomics can help doctors get insights into the most complex cases of unwell children and babies, with huge potential to impact health outcomes.

Latest news in genomics and other research activities