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We promote high quality research, support the development of paediatric researchers and contribute directly to the evidence base. Let's share our expertise, collaborate with others and promote the evidence to drive forward improvements in child health.
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All trainee paediatricians must attain research competencies. But, those who undertake academic training have unique opportunities to develop skills and undertake original research - while gaining full accreditation as a paediatrician.
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We want more opportunities for trainees to carry out child health research. This network facilitates collaborative working across the UK through peer support and guidance.
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We support and promote paediatric child health research in the UK and internationally. Search our database of current and upcoming opportunities for projects and posts.

News on research activities

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Our vision is a healthier future for children and young people in the UK and across the world. To achieve this, we deliver research projects, support research fellowships and have a rare disease development fund. Can you support us?