Research activities

We aim to improve children’s health outcomes through supporting high quality and trusted research. Let's share our expertise, collaborate with others and promote the evidence.
Provides guiding principles for working with and involving infants, children and young people (ICYP) in research.
We work collaboratively with organisations and multidisciplinary teams to improve health services for children in the UK.
Our database has details of current opportunities from leading local, national and international organisations.

Five years after the original 2012 Turning the Tide: Harnessing the power of child health research, RCPCH releases this new report, focusing on developments and changes to the UK research landscape and areas where more work needs to be done.

Some of our research reports


Workforce census 2015

This is the ninth biennial census produced by the RCPCH since 1999. It provides a snapshot of how trained and trainee paediatricians were working on 30 September 2015, and the structure of child health services in the UK.