We continue to look at the risks and impacts of COVID-19 on our members, the wider child health workforce and children and young people. Explore our guidance on paediatric services, staffing and rotas, education and training and for parents, as well as our summaries of the research and presenting clinical data.
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Our London office will reopen as of 22 September, though many staff will continue to work remotely. As always, you can reach us by phone on 020 7092 6000 or email.
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These recommendations are for clinicians to support winter planning in partnership with local infection control prevention teams.
Paediatricians may receive queries from families about the return to school. We give a summary of current policy guidance in the four nations.

For families

We understand this is a worrying time. It's important that we all follow official guidance provided by the governments and health agencies so we can protect our families and other people..

If your child has a medical condition or injury, they should access treatment and attend medical appointments as recommended by their hospital, GP or healthcare professionals. Our poster explains more - and is available in English and Welsh.

Our news related to COVID-19


Message from the President - 11 September

Russell thanks members, volunteers and staff for all the achievements over the past six months, reflecting on the many phenomenal impacts these have made. He announces the launch of the new #ChoosePaediatrics campaign and what's to come from the clinical and staff advisory group, and also explores e...