We continue to look at the risks and impacts of COVID-19 on our members, the wider child health workforce and children and young people.
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Our office on Theobalds Road in London is closed due to national restrictions; we have a full risk assessment in place for for when we can reopen safely. Staff continue to be available by email and phone.
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Our regularly updated guidance is applicable to all paediatricians, and signposts to advice for specific settings, including community, neonatal and acute, and groups.
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We look at key current evidence regarding COVID-19 in children and young people - this includes published and pre-print studies considered to be good quality or of high impact.

Browse or search all our resources on COVID-19. These include guidance for paediatric services, staffing and rotas, advice for education and training, our research summaries and surveillance work. Plus insight from children and young people through our RCPCH &Us network and resources for families.

The NHS is still providing safe care - advice for families

It can be confusing to know what to do when you or your child is unwell during coronavirus. Our posters have advice to help you wherever you live in the UK.

There is one set for all parents and carers, which you can see below. And more for parents of young babies, and for young people. 

Our news related to COVID-19


Message from the President - 19 March 2021

One year on from the announcement of lockdown, Russell reflects on this unprecedented time; from death and hardship to the monumental efforts made by the NHS and the scientific community at large.

Message from the President - 26 February 2021

Russell announces the launch of Paediatrics 2040 and the new website that houses the data, evidence and thought pieces surrounding this innovative and timely project. He also shares thoughts on the latest RCPCH Milestones, our quarterly member magazine.

Message from the President - 12 February 2021

Russell covers the resurgence of media coverage and questions about PIMS, sharing resources and a "how to recognise" PIMS webinar. On recent and upcoming elections he gives a warm welcome and reminders to vote.