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Our lastest podcast: COVID-19 vaccinations for children and young people

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"Vaccination is not a silver bullet. . It needs to be part of a bigger programme of ways of keeping children in school in an uninterrupted way." 

In this episode, our Chief Executive, Jo Revill speaks with RCPCH President, Camilla Kingdon about COVID-19 vaccination in children and young people, a complex issue with much public focus. They discuss the need for transparent information, how consent works and what the College is doing to represent the insights of both paediatricians and young people.

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"Sepsis is still the most common avoidable cause of death in children in the UK." Dr Emma Lim, Consultant Paediatrician, discusses sepsis with parents, paediatric specialists and junior doctors in our educational series, on epidemiology, management, communication and more.
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Paediatric teams around the UK have been talking to us about their work in QI, including on our Diabetes Quality Programme and from our 'QI Champions'. QI encapsulates all aspects of patient care, and we look at service development, review and evaluation, and involving families.
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Last October we spoke with David Evans, then Vice President for Training and Assessment at RCPCH, about the College's response to Shape of training and the 'Paediatrician of the Future' document, which provides the basis for our new training programme from 2023: Progress+.

Introducing the College strategy

"This strategic document is really setting, if you like, guiderails for where we see the College going over this next period..." Our CEO, Jo Revill spoke with RCPCH President Camilla Kingdon about the College's strategy for the next three years.  

In 2019, we produced our first series of podcasts on managing sepsis, especially for our members and other child health professionals. Since late 2020 we've covered more topics, from QI experiences in multidisciplinary teams to the aspirations of the RCPCH President candidates.

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