Invited Review Service

Our service gives healthcare organisations an opportunity to adopt a proactive approach in seeking assurances on the care for infants, children and young people. Working with a team of independent, expert peer reviewers, organisations can address areas of concern and identify scope for quality improvement.

We deliver clinically-led peer reviews to healthcare organisations

Invited reviews are there when you need independent, objective expert advice and external assurance on your clinical services and quality of care.

Invited reviews are a safe space for active listening, and we encourage and support all relevant staff to bring their perspective.

It can help you proactively address issues in your organisation or service. These may include models of care, safety and quality of services, or team communication. We can do a service review, a case note review or a combination.
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We work with you to prepare and deliver the review, virtually or in person. We provide initial feedback and then a full report. And to ensure accountability and progress, we follow up with you after the review.
Once you've read our guidance, you can complete our online form - we'll need some information about your organisation or service to make an initial assessment. We treat all information submitted with confidentiality.

Work with Invited Review Service

Our multidisciplinary group of peer reviewers has a wide range of skills and experience. They all understand NHS structures, know relevant service standards and guidelines, and can listen and engage effectively. We're often recuriting new reviewers, and invite you to read more details, including the full role profile.

Lates news about invited reviews, QI and patient safety

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