College Officers

The RCPCH President, Registrar, Treasurer, Vice Presidents not only sit at Council but together with the Officers deliver the work of the College.

President, Registrar, Treasurer and Vice Presidents

President - Professor Russell Viner -

Registrar - Dr Mike Linney

Treasurer - Dr Liz Marder

Vice President, Health Policy - Dr Simon Clark

Vice President, Education - Dr Camilla Kingdon

Vice President, Science & Research - Professor Nick Bishop

Vice President, Training & Assessment - Dr David Evans

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Other Officers

International Officer / David Baum Fellow - Dr Bhanu Williams

Officer for Ireland (from 6 June 2019) - Dr Raymond Nethercott 

Officer for Scotland - Professor Steve Turner

Officer for Wales - Dr David Tuthill

Officer for Assessment - Dr Ashley Reece

Officer for Clinical Standards and Quality Improvement - Dr John Alexander

Officer for Training - Dr Peter Dale

Officer for Professional Development - Dr Bhavdeep Jani

Officer for Examinations - Dr Jane Valente

Officer for Workforce Planning and Health Services - Vacant

Officer for Child Protection - Dr Alison Steele

Officer for Health Promotion - Dr Max Davie

Officer for Education Programme Development - Dr Ki Pang