College Officers

The RCPCH President, Registrar, Treasurer, Vice Presidents not only sit at Council but together with the Officers deliver the work of the College.

President, Registrar, Treasurer and Vice Presidents

Post Name
President Dr Camilla Kingdon
Registrar Professor Steve Turner
Treasurer Dr Liz Marder
Vice President for Education and Professional Education Dr Jonathan Darling
Vice President for Health Policy Dr Michael McKean
Vice President for Science and Research Professor Paul Dimitri
Vice President for Training and Assessment Dr Cathryn Chadwick

Other Officers

Post Name
Assistant Registrar Dr Omowunmi Akindolie
Global Officer Dr Susan Broster
Officer for Ireland Dr Raymond Nethercott
Officer for Scotland Dr Mairi Stark
Officer for Wales Dr David Tuthill
Officer for Training and Quality Dr Christine Pierce
Officer for Child Protection Dr Alison Steele
Officers for Clinical Standards and Quality Improvement Dr Jan Dudley and Dr Rajesh Krishnan
Officer for Digital Health and Technology Dr Venkat Reddy
Officer for Examinations Dr Vasanta Nanduri
Officer for Health Improvement Dr Max Davie
Officer for Mental Health Dr Karen Street
Officer for Education Dr Chakrapani Vasudevan
Officer for Recruitment Dr Simon Broughton
Officers for Research Dr Will Carroll and Dr May Ng
Officer for Lifelong Careers Dr Daljit Hothi
Officer for Workforce Planning and Health Services Dr Nicola Jay