Engaging children and young people

Our guidance and best practice examples can help you collaborate with children, young people and their families to create a healthcare service that meets their needs - at local and strategic levels.

Get involved

As a paediatric health professional, you'll know how important it is to engage children and young people (CYP) in your healthcare settings. It's one of the key training principles in our Progress+ curriculum. But how do you get started, develop your skills or share learning?

You can scroll down to see our varied resources. We also invite you to get involved by signing up for our regular, informative eBulletin or finding out about the committee that drives our work.

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How can you effectively engage children and young people in your practice? To co-produce improvements to their care, and to shape policy and practice? We're here to support you.
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It's important to know this information so you can advocate for improved consultation on service design, can support challenging conversations and can protect children and young people's rights.
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Engagement means we seek out children and young people's thoughts, feelings, ideas, concerns and expectations around health and healthcare, and work together to create a service that meets their needs. Here's how.
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Our 'voice bank' is a rich source of children and young people's ideas, concerns and expectations. It can guide strategic planning and organisational change. You can use ours and create your own locally.
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We offer practical tools and advice on how to communicate with children, young people and their families. This covers different topics, such as mental health, hidden health and children in care.
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Get inspired and learn from the successes (and challenges) of projects! Our varied examples include Youth Social Action, Rainbow Health Youth Supporters and Epilepsy12 &Us.

Finding people to work with

Our map and listing of youth councils, clubs and parent carer forums around the UK may help you find participants to work with you to design healthcare improvements.